Summer in the Alps

Why buying property in the French Alps during the summer can be a smart move

20th June 2023

Adviser Column #1 - Nick Leach, Athena Partner

When it comes to buying property in the French Alps, most people envision cozy chalets and thrilling pistes during the winter months. However, spring and summer offer a unique opportunity to find and purchase your ideal apartment or chalet. Contrary to belief, the warmer seasons can be an excellent time to both explore the Alps, and secure your alpine home.

The majesty of the French Alps shouldn't be limited to the winter wonderland you're familiar with. Instead, embrace the hidden treasures of the summer months and discover a new perspective on mountain living.

If anything, you can expect a richer cultural experience that travels back thousands of years, long before anyone strapped wood to their feet and launched down the side of a mountain. Couple this with an increasing number of reasons to view and secure property and a summer trip to the Alps looks increasingly attractive.


While many assume that the best properties are snatched up during the winter, the truth is that new build properties are released throughout the year, including the summer months. Developers often aim to launch their projects in late autumn ready for the winter months, but as planning permission is granted year round, they release properties and commence construction as and when they have the opportunity to do so.

Property is one of a handful of markets where buyers directly compete against buyers, so by moving your approach to a summer one you can often find yourself with less competition for those properties that are being released or re-released across the summer months.


Even if some sought-after properties in the French Alps were quickly sold during the winter, surprises await vigilant buyers during the summer. Occasionally, apartments and chalets return to the market when a buyer fails to secure a mortgage or their circumstances change. This presents an excellent chance for you to seize the moment.

Stay open and vigilant, and you may find your dream home unexpectedly available during the summer months whilst also exploring the stunning Alpine scenery without the challenges posed by winter weather.

During the summer, you can embark on property viewings with ease, driving through picturesque landscapes, appreciating the beauty of the French Alps without the snow and icy road conditions. Experience the vibrancy of the villages outside the winter season, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the area's year-round charm. Particularly developed summer resorts include Chamonix, Morzine, Châtel and Les Gets.


The Alps are not only a haven for winter sports enthusiasts but also a thriving summer destination. Activities such as hiking, cycling (the legendary Tour de France passes through parts of the Alps), mountain biking on slopes that transform into trails, and traversing beautiful forest paths are all seeing an increase in accessibility and popularity.

Additionally, you'll find excellent golf courses and adrenaline-pumping adventures like rafting and paragliding. Local councils are continuously investing in summer facilities, including aqua-centers, to support the growing interest in Alpine summer holidays.

From a buyer's perspective, this has a double impact as it is enhancing the rental returns you can expect from your property.

Alpine summer holidays have gained popularity in recent years, attracting a growing number of visitors seeking sunshine, fresh air, and diverse activities. Since 2018, vacation rental agents have reported a notable increase in summer bookings, with a substantial spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, certain resorts reach full capacity during special events such as music festivals and world championships, drawing in a lively crowd.

By purchasing a ski chalet in the summer, you position yourself to capitalise on this growing trend and maximise your rental income, something we can help you achieve with our services.


The summer months provide a window of opportunity for astute property buyers. Developers understand that the market dynamics can differ from the bustling winter season, and they are motivated to ensure a continuous flow of sales throughout the year.

This favourable climate for negotiation can allow savvy buyers to explore the potential for securing their dream ski chalet at a more advantageous price point or to negotiate favourable payment plans, or added value incentives

Nick is available to guide you through the market, identify exclusive opportunities, and ensure a seamless property purchasing experience in the French Alps. With our extensive portfolio or property, on the ground insight and personal approach to advising individuals on their property investment journey, we offer an end-to-end service. You can read more about our services here or fill in the form below to speak to Nick.


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