French Alps Property Market

The Resilient Alpine Property Market

26th June 2023

Adviser Column #2 - Charlie Williams, Head of Partnerships


Change is an essential part of life and the property landscape in the Alps is no exception.

Amid shifts in the global economy and evolving local conditions, I see the Alpine property market continuing, as it has since records began, as a resilient and dynamic investment hub.

The high-altitude resorts will continue to offer strong investment prospects due to their inherent allure. Resorts in the Haute Savoie that are truly dual season have been benefitting from significantly increased summer occupation levels since Covid, up to 90% during August in some cases, proving a welcome evolution for property and business owners alike.


The next 6-24 months are set to be an intriguing period. Investors who recently locked in 1.5% to 2% fixed debt for 20 years will likely hold onto their properties with such amazing financing, whilst those coming to the end of their long term fixed mortgages will be accustomed to interest rates over 4%.

Property owners in the Alps cherish the outdoors and Alpine ambiance, it's a lifestyle that is passed down through the generations, as are the properties. Meanwhile the French tax system has always discouraged speculative buying and the longer you own the property the less capital gains tax you pay, favouring the longer hold.


A pause in price rises can likely be expected, followed by a period of relative stability. We are unlikely to see any significant devaluation. The Alps is a property microclimate with highly limited room for expansion, most new properties in prime locations tend to come from the redevelopment of ageing buildings rather than new land plots.

Meanwhile all local Town Halls are heavily reducing the number of building permits issued. The supply constraints make this market unique, and with depleted stocks after the record sales of 2022, any properties coming online now (whether new build or resale) are a welcome sight for agents and also clients who have been waiting patiently for the right opportunity.


The evolving landscape also signals the need for realistic pricing. Landowners and those holding developable assets will likely have to stop attaching on such lofty premiums to entice developers. This may lead to fewer developments, but those that do materialise will be mutually beneficial for developers and buyers alike.

Those investors eternally waiting for an amazing “deal” are likely to continue to be disappointed, if such an opportunity does present itself it rarely makes it to the open market past property developers.

Property markets are always cyclical although seeing as the Alps doesn’t see dramatic price reductions in times of global downturn, you soon realise time in the market will consistently outperform trying to time the market.

In the Alps we're not just dealing in properties. We're curating lifestyles, fostering passions, and nurturing dreams!

Charlie is available to guide you through the market, identify exclusive opportunities, and ensure a seamless property purchasing experience in the French Alps. With our extensive portfolio of property, on the ground insight and personal approach to advising individuals on their situation, we offer a unique end-to-end service. You can read more about our services here or fill in the form below to speak to Charlie.


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