Athena Advisers is not responsible for the construction of the properties we advertise. While we conduct our own due diligence and research the developers we work with, we cannot be held liable for the build quality, delivery dates and any snagging issues you may encounter. However, you are not alone - the Athena Client Relations team can advise you on what to look out for during snagging visits and forward any issues to the developer responsible. If your property’s delivery date has been delayed, we will do our best to notify you as soon as we receive the news and endeavour to keep you updated.

All of the information on our website and throughout our marketing materials is for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change. Using insights from the developer, we take reasonable steps to ensure that all of the information we present is accurate and up to date. However, plans, layouts, dimensions, availability, prices and finishes may change and all details of the purchase should be included within the contractual documents you sign with the developer.

Throughout the website, we use a mix of photographs and CGIs (Computer Generated Images). Photographs will show some parts of the property as they appeared at the time they were taken. CGIs are intended to give you an indication of how the project could look upon completion. These images may not correspond directly to your property and are subject to change.

When CGIs are unavailable, we will use photographs of previously delivered projects from the developer. These images will be clearly labelled as such and are for illustrative purposes only; they are not an accurate image of what the off-plan project will look like upon completion.

Athena Advisers cannot be considered an accountant. The information and advice presented by our team comes from our knowledge and experience. We work with excellent tax and accountancy partners who are qualified to offer such advice and we would be delighted to put you in contact with them.

At Athena Advisers, we pride ourselves on our 360° approach and are here to guide and advise every step of the way. Saving you time, we scour the market for you and present you with a carefully curated selection of properties which closely match your requirements, offering bespoke advice along the way. Through our sister company Athena Private Finance, we can help you find the right mortgage for your product. Our Athena Client Relations team is here to assist you through the entire purchase process and offers à la carte aftersales services, such as utility set-up and arranging furniture deliveries, to make your moving day as stress-free as possible.

With experts on the ground in our destinations, we have an unrivalled knowledge of our local markets. Active in the European real estate industry for nearly two decades, we know all the key players and have a little black book of lawyers, tax specialists and interior designers that we can introduce you to.

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