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Property for sale in Comporta

Enjoying some of Portugal's best west coast beaches, properties for sale in Comporta are in high demand and our local property experts have chosen the best villas and apartments for sale based on lifestyle appeal and investment potential.

Once considered Portugal’s best-kept secret, Comporta has earned a reputation as a desirable beach destination amongst discreet trendsetters thanks to its laidback atmosphere and unspoiled, rustic charm.

Rustic chic

Property for sale in Comporta will remain eligible for the Golden Visa programme once the changes come into effect at the close of 2021. While it is easy to see why the demand for homes here is on the rise, property for sale in Comporta is in short supply. Handpicked by our destination experts, take a look at our collection of plots, apartments and villas for sale in Comporta.

Comporta property for sale.

Why buy a property in Comporta

“Whilst the secret is certainly out, Comporta still retains its idyllic charm thanks to its kilometres of unspoiled beaches and its laidback, unpretentious atmosphere.”

David Moura-George, Managing Director, Portugal & Real Estate Specialist

Get to know Comporta

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Legend says that every summer spot is born a hippy, grows up high and ends up washing itself out. And in this fabled cycle, many paradises lose their aura when they are revealed to the world. 

Comporta flows in the opposite direction in a more gentle, unrushed path. Living the splendour of its adolescence only an 80 minutes’ drive south of Lisbon.

Built on the deep roots of summer friendship and hedonism, for a long time the unspoken rule for whoever arrived here was to keep quiet about it. It was almost top secret.

Truth be told, Comporta is becoming more well known and less exclusive, entering the radar of the discreet jet setters who dream of a place in the sun far from the hordes of tourists.

Little by little, and with lots of care, the region is slowly starting to evolve with a few new developments currently on the horizon. The few existing houses rarely differ from this style and even more rarely are seen on the property market and when they are they tend to be sold to friends to keep it in the family. There’s no excess or showing off here; it is all about living the good life with no frills and being down to earth. After munching on some fresh grilled fish or enjoying the sunset with a lovely glass of wine you’ll understand why

Whilst there is a lot of space for the future to arrive, the aim is to make sure that it doesn’t arrive with crowds of people and too much change. Protecting it as a natural haven of peace and tranquillity where its biggest fans can return again and again to find Comporta the same as it has always been. 

Local property experts

Our team of property experts have found the very best villas, houses and apartments for sale in Comporta. With a modern-minded approach we apply to everything we do.

Comporta is turning heads with Conde Nast naming it one of the best places for the wealthy to go ‘off the grid’ and two 5* hotels. Yet opportunities to own properties here are still few and far between and prices do not yet reflect the true potential of this unique destination.

There are three main types of properties for sale in Comporta: plots, apartments and villas. As the resort has only very recently been opened up to development, a popular way to own a slice of this Portuguese paradise is to buy a plot and build a bespoke property on it. Comporta Retreat has a number of plots for sale, some of which boast gorgeous sea views, and owners can work with their own architect or the two architects associated with the project to bring their bespoke property to life.

For many, buying a villa in Comporta is the ultimate way to enjoy this sun-baked, laidback resort. Villas offer more space and privacy than apartments as they benefit from private entrances and often superior facilities such as a swimming pool.

Available in a range of sizes and often complemented by a selection of communal facilities lie a concierge service, a pool or a spa, buying an apartment in Comporta is another option. In addition, apartments often offer more competitive prices than villas.

Expert opinion

Whilst the secret is certainly out, Comporta still retains its idyllic charm thanks to its kilometres of unspoiled beaches and its laidback, unpretentious atmosphere. As the town was a private family estate for decades, land for development has only very recently become available in Comporta and only small amounts of land are approved for new constructions, meaning that opportunities to purchase a new-build property in Comporta are few and far between. With prices not yet reflecting the true value of this emerging destination, there is strong potential for capital appreciation and properties here are set to perform well on the short-term rental market with more and more domestic and international travellers alike heading to this special location.

Investment potential

Investing in an up-and-coming destination can sometimes present a risk. Yet, when it involves property with strong forecasted capital growth, some of the best beaches in the country and a convenient location just 80 minutes south of Lisbon, the decision is easy. Portuguese residents have been largely capitalising on this opportunity, having bought 80% of the properties already sold. With building restrictions in place to limit the amount of construction in the region, property in this area is highly sought after with more and more people taking notice of Comporta as an unspoiled paradise.

Dubbed the ‘new Hamptons of Lisbon’, tourism levels in Comporta are rising, in turn generating increasing rental income for the small number who own property here. These properties can expect strong returns during the summer months. 

Golden Visa & Non-Habitual Resident programme

Outside of the value in this market and the lifestyle it offers, there are two other things fuelling interest in the city. Firstly the Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) programme, a tax-friendly programme, enables buyers for a period of 10 years to potentially pay no tax on things like dividends and pensions, as well as income.

Secondly, there is the widely acclaimed Golden Visa programme which grants residency to investors and their close family, paving the way to EU citizenship. Whilst the Golden Visa programme is set to change at the start of 2022 and properties in many coastal areas will no longer be eligible for the programme, Comporta will not be affected by these changes.


For the best part of the last century, Comporta, also known as the ‘Herdade de Comporta’, was essentially just one large, private family-owned estate. From 1836 until the early 1990s, Comporta was an agricultural estate specialising in rice production. Saltworks and fishing were also an important part of the local economy. In 1991, the owners of the estate wanted to turn it into a discreet summer playground geared towards the needs of high-net-worth individuals and with a focus on sustainability so the family invested resources into restoring the area and improving the infrastructure.

The banking crisis meant that the owners had to give up land. With a minimal amount of land being granted development permission over the last few years, the many domestic buyers who know about this region, as well as the lucky few international buyers who have discovered it, now have a very unique window of opportunity. The first project we launched here was 50% sold within weeks which underlines the rarity of the situation.

The town today

Located only 80 minutes’ drive from Lisbon international airport, Comporta is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the capital but is still easily accessible. Situated next to a protected natural reserve, this wild terrain has remained largely untouched. Kilometres of beaches, vibrant green rice paddies, award-winning golf courses and exquisite seafood restaurants can all be enjoyed intimately, without the masses.

Comporta is known for its rustic character. Its landscape is dotted with pines and cork trees, and the lifestyle here is reflective of its environment: laid back and outdoorsy. While the pace of life is much slower than that of a city’s, there are plenty of activities to get involved with including cycling, horse riding, yoga, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and golf on award-winning courses. The eight beaches in the area also boast good waves for all levels of surfers and locals come here year-round to paddle out to sea.



In our article, we take a deeper look at this idyllic coastal destination and what makes it so special.

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