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Alcochete is a tranquil municipality which has built an enviable reputation over recent years given its rich history, stunning natural beauty and unique fauna.

Alcochete has an undeniable charm that now flourishes with the contrast of traditional houses in the historic village and new modern real estate developments and apartments for sale. 

Delightful old town overlooking the Tagus estuary

Alcochete is known as a property investment haven for those who want to live well, be in harmony with nature and enjoy a thriving community whilst still being close to the city. Allow our expert team to guide you through this fascinating neighbourhood and recommend the best properties for sale in Alcochete for a lifestyle relocation or as a property investment.

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Why buy a property in Alcochete

“Alcochete is a safe and quiet village and an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. It is particularly well-suited to families with children.”

David Moura-George, Managing Director, Portugal & Real Estate Specialist

Local property experts

Our team of property experts have found the very best apartments and real estate for sale in Alcochete, Setúbal. With a modern-minded approach we apply to everything we do.

In an area famous for horses, wild cattle, fishing and agriculture and where the salt pans are a great source of wealth, rises an eco-friendly condominium, conceptualised for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and be part of a close community. The unique Tagus Bay exclusive residences benefit from an exceptional location on the banks of the Tagus River, with apartments for sale ranging from two to four bedrooms, all with access to a cinema room, library, co-working space, and coffee area. For families with children, there is a  large playground, a kids club area and an organic garden with edible herbs – all units have access to beautifully landscaped gardens.

Expert opinion

Alcochete is a safe and quiet village and an excellent option for those looking to enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. It is particularly well-suited to families with children. With high-end condominiums at competitive prices ranging from €3,500 to €4,500 per sqm, property in Alcochete is excellent value for money. We have seen significant demand over recent years with a rise in property prices which are expected to continue to grow. Between September and October 2020, Setúbal saw property prices rise by 0.07% and rent prices rose by 1.13%, according to Imovirtual. Thanks to its proximity to Lisbon city centre, the appealing historical background and its eco-friendly lifestyle connected to the roots of Portuguese culture and cuisine, it is easy to see why Alcochete is currently experiencing a real estate boom.

Investment potential

As a quiet and peaceful area surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Alcochete provides a unique hybrid of a modern and healthy lifestyle investment. Whilst some investors buy property in Alcochete to be used as a second home, others are looking to generate rental income, and property in Alcochete has a long history of strongly performing in the long-term rental market. 

All properties are available for the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme and the tax benefits of the Non-Habitual Residents Programme, which makes investing in Alcochete even more attractive. As a benchmark, the Tagus Bay apartments project has an average property price of €4,500 per sqm. This is slightly higher than the area’s average as this development offers an amazing array of on-site facilities including a swimming pool, co-working space and a children’s play area.

Things to do

Alcochete is the perfect neighbourhood to experience the natural beauty of the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, a protected sanctuary where thousands of birds pass through during their migration. It is also home to traditional seafood restaurants and is famous for its outdoor parties, especially during summertime. The Garden of Dom Manuel I Avenue is a lovely spot for leisurely walks and there is a playground for children. Heading a few kilometres to the south, you will find Moinhos Beach, also known as Alcochete Beach, with a number of beachside bars and restaurants, and it is extremely popular with water sports enthusiasts, particularly, kitesurfers. For a change of pace, Alcochete is really close to the Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet, home to more than 100 famous brands such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Carolina Herrera.



Discover how those relocating to Portugal from abroad can access the tax-efficient NHR programme.

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