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Ski apartments for sale in France

Whether you are looking for a family-sized apartment for long winter breaks or perhaps a ski pad that’s perfect for weekends in the mountains, the French Alps are a passion for us and we’ve helped thousands of clients find their perfect ski apartment for sale in France over the past 19 years. 

As well as a wonderful lifestyle choice allowing you to enjoy holidays in the mountains with your family for years to come, buying a ski apartment for sale in France can also prove to be a lucrative investment.

Selected Ski Apartments For Sale.

Ski apartments for sale in France come in all shapes and sizes and vary considerably in price from resort to resort. Our team of local property experts will help you find the right ski apartment to suit your budget, lifestyle and investment goals.

There has been an increasing demand over the past few years for duplex and triplex ski apartments for sale in France within chalet-style buildings. Generally, ski apartments for sale have a lower price per sqm than chalets, depending on their location, so owning a multiple-level ski apartment gives the feeling of a standalone ski-chalet, but at the price of an apartment.

The progression of building techniques and materials means that newer ski apartments for sale often have open-plan layouts to maximise space and light. In addition, flexible bunk bedrooms or bunk beds stowed away in an alcove are a common space-maximising feature. Smaller than a typical bedroom, these sleeping areas help maximise space whilst providing a comfortable place for young children to sleep.

Where should I buy a ski apartment in France?

Having holidayed there for years, many people who are starting their journey towards buying a ski apartment for sale in France know exactly which ski resort they want to own an apartment. However, budget can quickly make choosing a resort more difficult. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of buying a ski property in France is the terrain as a ski property is often purchased with children in mind, yet the ski terrain of many resorts can be far too challenging for new skiers.

Or sometimes the choice can be determined by the way in which the apartment will be used. If a ski apartment is wanted for last-minute breaks and short trips, you would want to choose a resort that is close to an airport.

The continued development of summer facilities and activities also means that owning a ski apartment in some French Alps resorts provides a truly year-round destination for embracing the mountain lifestyle.

Using a ski apartment to generate rental income

Renting out your ski apartment in France is a great way to generate income when you are not using the property yourself.

If you do decide to rent out your property, you must take some time to consider the layout and interior design. For example, additional sleeping spaces in the form of a bunk bedroom can encourage family rentals and choosing two single beds which may be merged into a double bed will offer more flexibility for guests. When decorating your property, it is key that you balance aesthetics and practicality. Though carpet may offer extra comfort in the bedrooms, wooden flooring in the entrance halls is a more practical choice in the long run as carpet can become quickly compromised by ski boots! For more tips on how to prepare your property for rentals, take a look at our in-depth guide on renting out ski apartments.

Whilst the winter months are the most popular time to visit the French Alps and therefore the best months for generating rental yields, the importance of summer tourism should not be overlooked. Many of the resorts offer fantastic activities for holidaymakers in the summer too such as outdoor sports like hiking and mountain biking as well as sporting events. This means that it is possible to generate rental yields year-round in many resorts.

Viewing a ski apartment for sale remotely

With 19 years of experience helping clients invest across borders, we offer expert guidance on investing remotely as well as virtual tours and plot visits via video calling. Virtual viewings have been warmly received by our clients as many of them have visited the resorts before and this serves as a more time-efficient way to view the property. In addition, as many countries have travel restrictions in place at the moment, virtual tours allow investors to get a headstart on their property search so when they are able to come out and see the property, they will already have a good idea of the project.

In addition, we can also have access to drone footage, CGIs and VRs to help you get a feel for the finished project and the surrounding environment.



Interested in buying a ski chalet or apartment in the French Alps as a lifestyle or property investment? Our detailed guide covers everything you will need to know from choosing a ski resort to taking advantage of tax incentives.

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How we work.

Our approach allows us to confidently present our clients not only with beautiful ski apartments for sale in France, but also with sound investment opportunities in the very best ski resorts thanks to both the local presence of our on-the-ground experts and the strong network of highly regarded developers and architects we’ve formed exclusive partnerships with.