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Handpicked by our ski property experts, take a look at our curated selection of the finest ski chalets for sale in the French Alps. With the ultimate combination of space and privacy, buying a ski chalet is a fantastic investment and lifestyle choice for those who want a year-round home away from home.

With 19 years of experience in the ski chalet property market and a passion for the mountain lifestyle, we have an intimate understanding of each of the French Alps ski resorts so can help you find and buy the perfect ski chalet for sale in France.

Selected Ski Chalets For Sale.

Ski chalet design

Space & privacy

Undoubtedly, one of the major attractions of choosing a ski chalet for sale over a ski apartment, is that there is more space for entertaining friends and family and more customisation opportunities to make your ski chalet feel extra special and perfectly suited to match your exact requirements. Having private space away from others has become more important for many of our clients, especially in a post-pandemic era. Of course, it is much easier to secure privacy from a ski chalet or semi-chalet than it is from an apartment.

From spas equipped with saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis to gyms, swimming pools and even rock climbing walls – the sky really is the limit when it comes to wellness and leisure options in a ski chalet. In addition, thanks to their larger floor plans, it is easier to create extra entertainment spaces such as cinema rooms or games room. Extra social spaces are a must-have for large families as it offers separate places for the different generations to relax and have fun.

As well as spaces for unwinding, many ski chalets for sale have a range of practical rooms too such as dedicated ski rooms, laundry rooms and home offices – a great option for those who want to spend an extended period in the mountains.

Rise of the semi-chalet

Offering the aesthetic and feel of an individual ski chalet for sale at a lower price, semi ski chalets are becoming increasingly popular with buyers. Like a semi-detached house, a semi-chalet, sometimes called a demi chalet, is attached to one other property, spread across several floors and benefit from a private entrance.

Cabines & coins montagne

These are two words that you’ll often see when exploring chalet floor plans, while the words are sometimes used interchangeably by developers, they are actually two distinct types of additional sleeping space designed for accommodating small children. For a young family, opting for a ski chalet for sale with a coin montagne or cabine instead of an individual bedroom for a child will usually work out significantly cheaper.

Cabines are essentially bunk bedrooms and are less than 10 sqm in area and may be windowless.

While coins montagne are bunk bed areas too, they are not always a separate room with a door. Instead, a coin montagne could simply be a bunk bed stowed away in an alcove.

Both options provide a comfortable space for children to sleep or flexible sleeping space to accommodate extra guests.

Off-plan ski chalets for sale

Buying a ski chalet for sale off-plan also gives owners the opportunity to really make their mark on the property and to customise it to suit their own personal preferences. 

Many developers allow clients to customise their ski chalet for sale by picking a colour scheme and type of wood, stone and other materials used from a selection of choices. This allows owners to create a ski chalet that reflects their own individual tastes.

It is often possible to customise the layout of the property by turning an extra bedroom into a wellness area, adding en-suite bathrooms to bedrooms and even reinforcing terraces so that you can have an outdoor jacuzzi fitted. Just like combining ski apartments, it is often possible to join two semi chalets to create a more spacious individual property.

Because of the close relationship we have with individual property developers, we are happy to be the liaison between you and the developer to explore various customisation requirements you may have.

New-build v resale ski chalets

An existing ski chalet for sale is often more affordable than a brand-new one and you have the added advantage that you can see the property for yourself, either in person or via video call, before purchasing. However, one of the main drawbacks of resale chalets is that the property may need significant renovation work in order to effectively compete in the rental market or bring it up to modern efficiency and decor standards if it is a very old property.

On the other hand, new-build ski chalets for sale can be more expensive in terms of purchase prices but they are generally more efficient than older ones, which can result in lower energy bills and they will not need any renovation works. Plus, new-build ski chalets for sale in France often come with a guarantee which can safeguard your investment for the years to come. When buying a ski chalet off-plan, you will not see your actual chalet until it is completed which can be a little off-putting for some buyers. However, we work closely with trusted developers who provide high-quality CGIs, virtual reality tours and photographs of previous work, so that you can get a good feel for the final outcome. In addition, we can arrange tours of the plot, both in-person or virtually, so you can experience the location, and show you previous projects created by the developer so you can see the level of finishes for yourself.

Plus, depending on where you buy a ski chalet, you may find that new-build ski chalets for sale come with lower purchasing costs than existing ones. So it is important to take this into account too when comparing.

Buying a ski-in ski-out chalet

One of the main reasons for buying a ski chalet is to enjoy winter sports, so proximity to the slopes and ski lifts is an important factor to take into consideration. Ski-in ski-out chalets offer the highest level of convenience as they are located right on the piste, allowing property owners to ski out of their chalet in the morning and simply ski straight back after a day on the slopes – no driving, no walking required. Ski-in ski-out chalets are especially sought-after and often command the highest prices, especially in developed resorts where the prime plots on the snow-front have already been taken by hotels and residences. Some properties are ski-in which means you will need to walk to the ski lift, oftentimes just a few hundred metres, but at the end of the day, you can ski the whole way back to the door of your chalet. 

If you are considering a ski chalet for sale in France which isn’t ski-in ski-out or ski in, you should think about how far away the ski lift is from the property and how far you are willing to travel. At Athena Advisers, we are passionate about skiing and know each of the ski resorts intimately, so when you buy a ski chalet we will be able to highlight shortcuts that are not immediately obvious on Google Maps or even show you some off-piste routes back to your property.

Generating income via rentals

Renting out your ski chalet when not in use is a great way to generate extra income and diversify your revenue streams. At Athena Advisers, around 95% of our clients decide to do this, so if this is something of interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to advise you.

When picking a ski chalet to rent out, remember that the summer months are becoming just as important for mountain tourism as the winter ski season as there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy like hiking, mountain biking and swimming. This means that buying a chalet in a dual-season gives you the opportunity to generate yield year-round.

Flexible sleeping space is especially important in rental properties. It is worth investing in bunk beds for coins montagne or cabines or sofa beds to accommodate larger parties. In addition, choosing two single beds which can be pushed together to make a double is a great option too. However, if you are adding extra beds to your chalet, it is important to ensure that there is ample sofa space and seats at the dining table to accommodate the extra guests.

For more tips, take a look at our complete guide to renting out ski properties.



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