To describe Samoëns as a charming alpine town can sound trite; however, it is very accurate. In contrast to its neighbour Flaine, it has a very traditional Savoyard architecture and has maintained a small-town approach despite the increased popularity of the region.

The area offers some fantastic ski slopes, from 710m to 2,500m in altitude, with nearly 30 slopes in the resort, ranging from green and red to the black diamond piste Aigle Noire. In addition, the resort offers activities such as dog sledding, frozen waterfall climbing and snowshoeing. Enough to keep everybody in the family busy.

Although it is known as a ski resort, the summer months are when the resort truly shines. The scenery is beautiful and it is a great playground for activities such as water sports, climbing and even hand gliding.

Given the smaller, quainter nature of the resort, nightlife options are not plentiful and as such the resort caters more to families and a slightly older crowd. Still, there is a variety of nice restaurants offering local dishes as well as shops to browse local crafts. Quaint and quiet, Samoëns offers a truly authentic and relaxing experience for anyone who visits.

Le mot de l'expert

Large ski areas are losing some of their charm as many are overbuilt and crowded. That’s why Samoëns is a welcome breath of fresh air, with local French charm and links to fantastic skiing and hiking trails. This could be the best time to jump on the Samoëns bandwagon and purchase a property before they become scarce.

Le marché immobilier - Samoëns

Because of the facilities and the overall charming experience, a property in Samoëns for sale tends not to be cheap. Similar properties can be found at a lower price in neighbouring resorts like Chamonix. But if superior facilities in a picturesque village is what you’re after then Samoëns is the ideal place.

A one-bedroom apartment in lower Samoëns can be found for around €200,000, but newly built apartments in the centre of the village start at €300,000 and only go up from there. The Samoëns region offers beautiful facilities and the properties throughout the village are equally luxurious. For chalet-style apartments in the centre, prices are well above the €800,000 mark and can fetch upwards of €1,200,000 for properties with amenities like pools.

Paying a higher price for a property in Samoëns for sale can be a shrewd decision – as the region is well known and active all year round, the rental opportunities are greater than in most Alpine towns and provide an opportunity for great returns on investment.

  • Samoëns hosts some of the world’s most impressive cave systems, including the Jean Bernard cave, which was the world’s deepest known cave until 1980.
  • Samoëns has been declared a "Town of Artistic, Architectural and Historic Interest” for the region.


Par Train

Cluses is the main rail station for this part of the French Alps. A direct train 'the snow train' runs from London St Pancras to Cluses from December to March, but if the timings don't work for you, or it's out of season you can just take the Eurostar and then change in Paris for a direct train to Cluses.

Par Avion

Geneva airport is by far the best airport to use when travelling to Samoëns. There are lots of flights into Geneva each day from countries around the world and in total the transfer takes around 1hr 10 minutes.

3 conseils d'initiés Samoëns

GET - a fondue at one of the local restaurants –, not originally from the region, but many will say it was perfected in Samoëns.
DO - visit the botanical garden in town. It is unique to the Alps and has been around since 1906. It is sure to be a beautiful outing for the family, with more than 5,000 plants to wander through.
SEE - the unique two war memorials. Samoëns is one of France's only villages that houses two war memorials for the same war, an interesting stop for the history buffs.

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