To describe Samoëns as a charming alpine town can sound trite; however, it is very accurate. In contrast to its neighbour Flaine, it has a very traditional Savoyard architecture and has maintained a small-town approach despite the increased popularity of the region.

The area offers some fantastic ski slopes, from 710m to 2,500m in altitude, with nearly 30 slopes in the resort, ranging from green and red to the black diamond piste Aigle Noire. In addition, the resort offers activities such as dog sledding, frozen waterfall climbing and snowshoeing. Enough to keep everybody in the family busy.

Although it is known as a ski resort, the summer months are when the resort truly shines. The scenery is beautiful and it is a great playground for activities such as water sports, climbing and even hand gliding.

Given the smaller, quainter nature of the resort, nightlife options are not plentiful and as such the resort caters more to families and a slightly older crowd. Still, there is a variety of nice restaurants offering local dishes as well as shops to browse local crafts. Quaint and quiet, Samoëns offers a truly authentic and relaxing experience for anyone who visits.

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