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Replay our previous webinars

27 Oct 2020
1:00pm (GMT)

45 mins

We take a look at the French Alps property market as we head into the 2020-21 season, exploring how to invest, VAT rebates, ultra-low French mortgage rates and the latest lifestyle and investment opportunities. Plus, at the end of the webinar, we will hold a Q&A session with our Destination Advisers.

French Alps: Market Update 2020-21

Camille Letuve (Partner) and Charles-Antoine Sialelli (Head of French Alps)

24 Nov 2020
1:00pm (GMT)

30 mins

So far our Client Relations team has saved over €18m in VAT for our clients purchasing French Properties, particularly in the Alps. But what type of properties are applicable? What do you have to do to apply? Is there more to recuperate than the property's VAT? Are there any long term implications? We'll cover it all and hold a live Q&A.

Reclaiming French VAT: How to save thousands

Mathilde Borasci (Head of Client Relations) + Camille Letuve (Partner)

22 Oct 2020
15:00pm (LIS)

30 mins

With almost half a billion euros invested through Portugal's Golden Visa programme already in 2020, what is happening next with this extremely popular real-estate-for-residency programme? Our Lisbon Director David Moura-George will be joined by a Golden Visa expert who will go through every step of the process and ask all your questions in a live Q&A

Portugal: Golden Visa Status & Investing in Lisbon

David Moura-George + Golden Visa expert

Recent Webinars

29 Apr 2021
1:00pm (GMT)

30 mins

If there hasn't been a skier on the Three Valleys pistes for the best part of two seasons, then why has there been an unusually high number of new-build property launches in Méribel over the past 12 months? 

Charles Antoine-Sialelli, our Head of French Alps and Camille Letuve, Partner at Athena Advisers take a look at why the cyclic nature of ownership of hotels in Méribel and the lack of skiers on the pistes over the last year has created a unique market dynamic for international investors in one of the most popular ski resorts in the entire French Alps. 

French Alps: Méribel Resort Focus

Camille Letuve (Partner) + Charles-Antoine Sialeilli (Head of French Alps)

19 Nov 2020
12:00pm (EST)
5:00pm (LIS)

30 mins

A tech-first city, surf before work culture, 290 days of sun a year, you'd be excused for thinking these are describing somewhere on California's coast. Yet these are just a few of the reasons why an ever-increasing number of buyers from the US are targeting Lisbon as a place for either relocation or a second home for extended visits. Join us for this special webinar where we'll look at the investment process for US investors and hold a live Q&A to answer any questions. 12pm EST, 5pm Lisbon time.

US Edition: Investing in Lisbon Property

David Moura-George (Lisbon Director) + Roman Carel (Founder)

Staying informed

We're continuing our expanded series of webinars throughout 2021! 
Our expert panelists and guest speakers will delve deep into a wide variety of exciting topics. Check out the upcoming webinars below.

Our library of replays is also available for those who couldn't make a particular event and we continue to welcome suggestions for future topics.

6 May 2021
1:00pm (GMT)

30 mins

By the date of this webinar, there will be only 8 months remaining before the official changes to Portugal's Golden Visa programme come into effect. But what are they and what will they mean to non-EU property investors who are planning on applying? How is this going to affect the market and what are the best ways to invest in a Golden Visa?

David Moura-George, Portugal Director at Athena Advisers will be joined by Golden Visa expert, Pedro Marques Monteiro from Legal Square to deep dive into this topic. There will also be a live Q&A where viewers can ask all their questions.

Portugal: Golden Visa Changes


David Moura-George (Portugal Director) + Pedro Marques Monteiro (Legal Square)