9th arrondissement

On the right bank of the Seine River resides the 9th arrondissement, one of Paris’ smallest districts. The quarter used to be known as the centre of Parisian high society. As a result, the area boasts beautiful buildings and elegant architecture still to be enjoyed today.

It is an important arts and culture hub. The Palais Garnier hosts some of Paris’s most important operas and ballets and the Quartier Faubourg Montmartre is a very lively quarter that hosts some great festivals and cultural events.

The Trévise Theatre and the Théâtre des Nouveautés are two small theatres that curate interesting new plays for Parisian theatre goers. They are two great examples of the cultural benefits the 9th arrondissement offers to Paris. During the week and especially on the weekends, the cafés and bistros are filled with crowds elegantly dressed for a night at the theatre.

The other two administrative quarters of the 9th, Quartier de Rochechouart and de Saint-Georges, are quieter areas that offer less artistic opportunities but are filled with beautiful buildings. Staying true to the city’s famed lifestyle, the two quarters have many restaurants and bistros that offer a classic Parisian flair.

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