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From branding and placemaking to creative design and digital marketing, the game is always changing. You have to stay ahead.


It happened organically.

The Athena Studio was born from the creative projects we made for Athena Advisers. Other companies took notice of our work and wanted to enlist our help.

Today we are a full-service design studio, working with clients on almost every aspect of marketing, from branding strategy and film making to digital marketing and creating advertising. 

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The ‘list’

We don’t like the list. Of course, who would want to encapsulate their offering into a small list of services?! On the other hand, it does make it easy to show off what you’re best at.

  1. Market research
  2. Branding strategy
  3. Placemaking concepts
  4. Media planning
  5. Film making
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Social media
  8. Podcast recording
  9. Public relations
  10. Content marketing
  11. Events & seminars
  12. Graphic design
  13. Virtual reality & CGI

Harvest Kaplankaya


Hugging the Agean within an area 2.5 times the size of Monaco, Kaplankaya is a community of value-shared people, striking architecture and five-star wellness and hospitality. After the first 60+ homeowners arrived here through word of mouth alone, the developer wanted to explore new ways of activating the destination. 

Placemaking / brand strategy / sales activation / art direction / events / content marketing / PR / videography / digital marketing / sales / graphic design / market research

After refreshing the branding, we began curating Harvest, a tailored series of bi-annual events and summer pop-up activations, all focused on the wellbeing of our bodies, minds, communities and planet. This event was born out of a common passion between Kaplankaya and Athena Advisers, but crucially it would attract 250 entrepreneurs, innovators and adventurers to the destination twice a year, showing off the lifestyle and passion of the community.  

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On a stunning stretch of coastline in northern Brazil, Atobá will be the first development of its kind, pairing world-class architecture and property development with kitesurfing and barefoot beach-side lifestyle.

Placemaking / conceptualisation / brand strategy / digital / art direction / pricing strategy / master plan consultation / market research / marketing strategy / launch strategy

Soon to be officially launched, Atobá is being co-developed by Athena Advisers and a small group of like-minded friends and are supporting the project across many channels, from conceptualisation and branding to marketing and sales activation.

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Six Sense Crans Montana

What happens when a leading alpine developer combines forces with one of the world's top wellness and hospitality brands? Six Senses Crans Montana. A rare piste-side plot in this captivating Swiss resort is now home to some of the largest, most luxurious, and finest ski residences in the Swiss Alps.  

Campaign planning & execution / content / design / print advertising / digital marketing / PR

We planned and implemented a cohesive marketing and communications campaign across online and offline channels including print advertising, social media, digital marketing and PR.

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01 Brochure 00 Caseblanche F15 Entrance CMYK

On a ski-in ski-out plot in the resort of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville an experienced developer came to us seeking advice on their proposed plan for a chalet hamlet, how these properties would fit with the current demand, how to gear the pricing and how to launch the development into the public domain.

Masterplan consultation / pricing strategy / sales activation / CGI & VR / marketing strategy / interior design / print advertising / digital marketing / PR / social media

Whilst considering the aesthetics of the development and its topographic position, we helped the developer modify the master plans and individual floor plans, making sure views, orientation and space were optimised for each unit. We also created a suite of virtual reality resources, CGIs and made these the cornerstone of an expansive and aggressive marketing & communications campaign, which featured private events and dual-language on-site signage. 

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