Property Agency Partners | Athena Advisers


We are a creative design studio mixed with a full-service international marketing and sales agency that specialises in creating and executing effective branding, sales and marketing campaigns for unique real estate projects in exciting destinations across the world.

From virgin pieces of peninsula land to decaying period properties in capital cities, we help property developers shape and deliver property developments in a timeless manner, one that’s synchronised with international and domestic demand, and enables intuitive design to link with effective sales and marketing strategies.

How we work

The starting point with all our developer clients is to ascertain where they are in the lifecycle of a project. It could be just a piece of land with a vision that’s made it no further than pure thought. Or it could be a property development that’s been realised, but needs some reflection in order to tune it towards the people that will want to live there.

  1. Placemaking
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Private finance
  5. Investor relations
  6. Rentals

Our foundations

The foundation of all our work is knowledge. It feeds our research, influences design and steers our strategies. The dynamics of a local market, its offering, its character and the resulting demand can change within a few metres. This is why we have fixed offices in all of our locations, centralised from our headquarters in London. Our teams in Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona and the rest keep us tapped in to the change, which makes this such an exciting industry.