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Comporta Retreat

$747,621 - $1.691m

Lifestyle is one of the best reasons to invest somewhere and Comporta can boast of having one of the best in Europe. Apart from being a very desirable beach destination amongst discreet trendsetters, there are very few possibilities of purchasing homes there, so real estate here is a very hot commodity. Comporta Retreat offers a unique and rare opportunity to buy plots of land for sale in Comporta on which you can build your own customised house. 

The property

The areas range between 2,538 sqm and 6,440 sqm, with buildable areas of 385 sqm to 565 sqm, which means that while you can have a large, spacious house, you still have enough green area to separate you from your neighbours and give you privacy. Though the process of building a property from scratch may seem daunting, it needn’t be. You can purchase a property package where you can choose the type of property from a selection of three styles and an architect, a project manager and a construction firm will bring your property dream to life. You will still have the opportunity to completely personalise the property but none of the hassle of managing the project yourself.

Investment opportunity

Though Comporta is no longer Portugal’s best-kept secret, Comporta is still an up-and-coming destination frequented by discerning travellers which means that prices here do not yet reflect their true value. This means that there is strong potential for capital appreciation in the future as well as the opportunity to generate excellent rental yields.

The plots are also eligible for the acclaimed Portuguese Golden Visa programme which allows non-EU residents to apply for residency and paves the way for full EU citizenship.


Comporta is known for its rustic character. Its landscape is dotted with pines and cork trees, and the lifestyle here is reflective of its environment: laid back and outdoorsy. While the pace of life is much slower than that of a city’s, there are plenty of activities to get involved with including cycling, horse riding, yoga, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and golf on award-winning courses. The eight beaches in the area also boast good waves for all levels of surfers and locals come here year-round to paddle out to sea.

Como investir em propriedades Portuguesas

A nossa crescente biblioteca de guias de compra abrange tudo o que desejas, desde conteúdo sobre os programas Golden Visa e NHR até como fazer sua mudança para Lisboa. Athena Collection

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