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Property for sale in the French Alps

We have scoured the entire French ski property market to select only the best ski chalets and most desirable apartments for sale across the French Alps' most popular ski resorts.

Whether it’s about owning a chalet in Val d’Isère for Christmas breaks or extended summer escapes, or an apartment in Méribel for that weekend ski getaway, there are dozens of alpine ski resorts, each with their own characters and fortés.

Discover the finest properties in the French Alps

Our property experts, who all have an intimate understanding of the properties and ski resorts, will guide you through the entire buying process, from securing a mortgage to organising a VAT rebate and purchase completion.

Why buy a property in the French Alps

“One of the best-loved ski areas in the worlds, the French Alps are composed of a constellation of individual resorts, each with a unique ambience and charm.”

Camille Letuve, Partner & Adviser, French Alps

French Alps Selected.

Local property experts

Our team of property experts have found the very best ski chalets and apartments for sale in the French Alps through our extensive network, only selecting those whose lifestyle and investment potential meet our criteria.

Where to buy a property in the French Alps

Home to around 250 individual ski resorts, investors are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a destination in the French Alps. The best resort depends on what individuals want to get out of their French ski property. If you have a young family, you should look out for resorts that have been awarded the Famille Plus label such as Les GetsCourchevelVal d’Isère and Méribel. Having satisfied more than 110 scrupulous requirements, these resorts have excellent infrastructure, services and attractions for families with children. 

You should also think carefully about the plot within your chosen resort. Do you want to be located right in the heart of the resort with everything on the doorstep, but possibly with higher prices, or would you prefer a property in a more private location?

As well as thinking about the variety of slopes, you should also think about the summer appeal of the resort. The French Alps are a fantastic destination for summer break and many resorts now offer a diverse range of outdoor activities and cultural events in the warmer months too. One of our most popular dual-season resorts is Les Gets which turns into a mountain bike paradise as the snow melts away and is the host of the MTB World CupMéribel is also another great dual-season resort as in the summer there is an 18-hole  golf course to enjoy and ribbons of hiking trails to explore. Cycling enthusiasts can also take on the new Col de la Loze cycle path which was featured in the Tour de France 2020 and was the highest part of the tour, reaching 2,304m in altitude.

For more information about buying a ski property in France, please visit our Complete Guide to Buying Ski Property in the French Alps. It includes detailed insight from our team of local ski property experts and all the information you will need to help you on your exciting journey to buying a ski property in France.

3 reasons to invest in the French Alps

Ski from home: In response to the pandemic, many of us have been working from home and it is expected that many will continue to do so or adopt a hybrid approach in the future, only heading to the office for a few days a week. This exciting shift in office culture means that many individuals no longer need to worry about their proximity to the office, giving them the freedom to relocate or spend periods of time in destinations that they love. With a fantastic sporty winter season and a delightful summer, the French Alps are an obvious choice for those who love skiing, the outdoors and want to fully experience the mountain art de vivre. Larger ski apartments and chalets often come with additional quieter spaces such as libraries, smaller sitting rooms or studies which are perfect for working from home. If there isn’t a suitable room already, it is often possible to adapt the layout of a new-build property so that it includes a quiet space for working away from the main living areas.

Generate great rental yields: Home to the world’s largest interconnected ski area, the Three Valleys, and many of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts, there is a strong demand for rental properties in the French Alps. Plus, with many resorts undergoing infrastructure improvements and the ever-increasing popularity of summer tourism, it is expected that this demand will continue to grow. When combined with the VAT rebate programme for new-build French ski properties, renting out your ski residence when you are not using it yourself is a great way to generate additional income. In some cases, it is possible to buy a property that pays for itself through rental income. 

Capital appreciation and a nest egg for the future: With a very limited amount of buildable land and strong lifestyle appeal, prime property in the French Alps represents an attractive long-term investment, allowing owners to benefit from capital appreciation upon resale. According to the latest Alpine Property Focus from UBS, the prime resorts of Val d’Isère Courchevel, Mèribel, Megève and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc saw prices rise by 2.8% on average over the past five years. All of these resorts have also benefited from capital appreciation between 2020 and 2021; Val d’Isère led the way with prices per sqm rising by 4.1%.

Types of property for sale in the French Alps

In the French Alps, there are two main types of properties for sale: ski apartments and ski chalets. Ski chalets are usually larger and detached which means that they usually offer more privacy than a ski apartment and have more space for private facilities such as spas, gyms and cinema rooms. However, that is not to say that ski apartments are always small. The array of apartments is increasingly diverse, ranging from compact studio apartments through to duplex and triplex properties with an array of private or communal facilities to boot like Manali Lodge which boasts a communal pool, spa and two restaurants.

Over the last few years, new-build properties have become highly sought after due to the lower buying costs (2%-2.5% vs 7-8% for resale ski properties) and the ability to recuperate 20% VAT from the purchase price. This has led to trends of larger family-sized new-build apartments and even semi-chalets becoming in-demand.

Then, as most resorts have grown, some considerably, since the European skiing boom of the 1980s, the local councils are becoming increasingly stringent with the number of new ski properties that can be developed. This has put new-build properties of all types, be it a chalet, apartment or penthouse, even higher in demand.

Chalets for sale in the French Alps

Often offering larger spaces and more privacy than a ski apartment, for many, owning a ski chalet is the perfect way to experience the French Alps. The array of ski chalets for sale is incredibly diverse, ranging from historic chalets which have become icons in their own resorts through to new-build chalets with every creature comfort imaginable. Thanks to their spacious interiors, ski chalets are perfect for those who want their own private facilities such as spas, swimming pools, gyms and cinemas rooms. We’ve even seen chalets with rock climbing walls – the sky is the limit!

For more advice on choosing a chalet, head to Athena Journal and see our top ten tips for buying a ski chalet in the French Alps to learn more about the key factors to take into consideration.

French ski property: new-build vs. resale

When choosing a French ski property for sale, you will need to think about whether you want to buy a brand-new ski property or resale one as each property type comes with a unique set of advantages.

Though the purchase price is often higher than that of an equivalent resale property, one of the advantages of new-build properties is that the property has never been occupied before which means there will be no wear and tear damage or any need to renovate. New-build ski properties have a unique set of financial benefits too as they enjoy reduced notary fees of 2-2.5% and the future owner can also recuperate VAT from the property purchase price if they decide to rent out their ski property on an ongoing basis. However, these properties are usually sold off-plan which means that you will not see the final product until it has been delivered. Nevertheless, CGIs, VRs and plot tours can help you get a feel for the finished product.

On the other hand, resale ski properties have already been delivered which means that not only can prospective buyers visit the property in person and get a real feel for it, but they can move into almost straight away too. Whilst resale properties are often cheaper than their new-build equivalents, do factor in that resale properties have notary fees of 7-8% and some renovation work may be required. This means that the sale price of the property may not reflect the true cost.

Ultra-low French mortgages

France’s ultra-low mortgages rates are one of the important things to consider when buying a property in the French Alps. Mortgage rates in France are amongst the lowest in Europe and, due to the long-term fixed-rate nature of the products in the market, it enables buyers of Alpine property to carefully plan out the finances of their ski property investment.

As a ballpark figure, non-residents buying ski properties for sale in the French Alps can currently access mortgages with fixed interest rates as low as 1.85% for properties in excess of €1.5m with 85% LTV, depending on the profile of the buyer. In addition, buyers with a strong tie to France can access even lower rates.

Helping more than 90% of applicants secure a mortgage offer, our sister company French Private Finance can help investors find the most competitive French mortgage to finance their ski property and guide them through the entire process.

Save €1,000s in VAT

If the owner of a new-build ski chalet or apartment in the French Alps intends to rent it on an ongoing basis when they are not using the property, it is possible to reclaim the 20% VAT from the purchase price. It is a very popular option and more than 80% of our clients who purchase a ski property in the French Alps choose to take advantage of this incentive. For a fee, our experienced in-house team can manage the reclamation process and we can also introduce you to a trusted rental management agency.

To apply for this, the ski property will need to be rented furnished, on a short-term basis, with 3 hotel-type services in place. Hotel services include cleaning, linen change, check-in or providing a breakfast.

To learn more about this incentive and how to maximise the rental potential of your property, take a look at our complete guide to renting out French ski property.

Summer in the French Alps

It wasn’t long ago that the Alpine summer season used to be a cursory add-on for a ski resorts tourism economy. However, particularly over the last 10 years, the summer seasons in the French Alps’ most popular ski resorts have grown, way beyond the normal 6-8 weeks school holiday seasons, attracting a diverse tourism base from around the world. Between 2014 and 2018, the number of visitors to the French Alps in the summer within the Savoie region grew by 1.2 million people.

Despite the challenges of 2020, the French Alps were hugely popular, especially with domestic tourists, this summer with Les Carroz seeing occupancy rates of 70% during August. 


For those already owning or looking to buy a ski property for sale in the French Alps, this means that the summer months now not only provide a constantly growing variety of activities and events but also provide those renting their properties with additional weeks of potential rental revenue. View our Summer in the French Alps guide here.



Interested in buying a ski chalet or apartment in the French Alps as a lifestyle or property investment? Our detailed guide covers everything you will need to know from choosing a ski resort to taking advantage of tax incentives.


What is the process of buying a ski property in France?

Many of our properties for sale in the French Alps are off-plan so the process for buying a property may be a little different to what you are familiar with. However, our experienced, multi-lingual team are here to advise you every step of the way. The purchase process can be broken into five simple steps:

  1. Placing an option: This takes the property off the market for a window of time so you can collate the information needed for a reservation contract to be put together. You will also pay a security deposit of 2-5%. 
  2. After your deposit and reservation form have been received you will be given a reservation contract.
  3. Once the VEFA contract is ready you will need to sign an ‘acte de vente’. If you cannot travel for this, it is possible to sign over the power of attorney to your notary. You will also need to transfer over the funds necessary for the deed signing. 
  4. You will pay for the property in stage payments, as per the conditions of your VEFA contract.
  5. Once the final stage payment has been made you will receive the keys to your property so you can move in and start enjoying it! You will also have a month to notify the developer of any issues relating to the property.

For more information, do take a look at our guide to buying ski property in the French Alps.

What financing options are there to buy a French ski property?

With LTVs of up to 90% and low long-term fixed rates from 1.7%, a French mortgage can be an attractive option for financing your chalet for sale or apartment for sale in the French Alps. It has become more difficult for Brits to secure a French mortgage following Brexit and French Banks have been reducing the number of mortgage products open to international buyers, not just Brits. However, there are still some good options out there. In fact, in 2021, two-thirds of our clients chose to take out a French mortgage. If you would like to find out more about French mortgages do get in touch with our sister company French Private Finance who can check your eligibility and discuss the various mortgage options that may be available to you.

What rental income can I expect from a French Alps property?

Rental income will vary from resort to resort, but, generally speaking, it is possible for French Alps properties to generate rental yields of up to 3-4%. Though the ski season, especially around the Christmas holidays, is the best time to generate rental yields, many ski resorts such as Les Gets, Châtel and Alpe d’Huez have a lively summer season making it possible to generate income in the warmer months too. As well as generating rental yields, renting out French Alps property can actually save you money on your purchase. Providing a few light conditions are met, it is possible to reclaim the 20% VAT from the purchase price of a new-build property. If this is something of interest, do take a look at our complete guide to renting out ski properties in the French Alps.

What capital growth is possible from a French Alps property investment?

Though skiing is something of a niche sport, demand for ski property in many resorts often outweighs the supply. This is often due to two factors. Firstly, developers are limited by the challenging terrain of the mountains and secondly, there are sometimes restrictions put in place by local town halls to prevent over development. This means that properties in Val d’Isère and other resorts where new plots for development are limited can significantly increase in value when later resold. To give you an idea of the type of capital appreciation you can expect, UBS reported that ski property prices in Méribel, Val d’Isère and Courchevel increased by 2.6% to 3.8% between 2016 and 2021.

If you look at properties in smaller resorts such as Châtel in Les Portes du Soleil, there is strong potential for capital appreciation as prices are lower here than larger resorts in Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys) and the value of these properties will continue to grow as the resorts continue to develop and evolve. 

Another tip to maximise the capital growth of your property is to investigate what infrastructure improvements are underway in the resort, for example, the creation of a new ski lift nearby linking a resort to a larger ski domain could add value to your property when it comes to reselling. 

Where are the best high-altitude ski resorts to buy property in the French Alps?

Val d’Isère and Tignes in the Espace Killy ski domain are two of the best high-altitude resorts for buying a ski property. Espace Killy has 300km of slopes, including the notorious La Face run which debuted at the Albertville Winter Olympics, excellent snowfall and two glaciers. The Grand Motte glacier is perched at 3,030-3,045m making the dream of summer skiing a reality as it is open from June to August.

Sporty Chamonix is another great option for high-altitude skiing, making it a popular choice for owning a property as there are plenty of opportunities to ski above 2,000m. Here you will also find the infamous unmarked Valle Blanche route which begins at 3,812m. 

The largest interconnected ski area in the world, the Three Valleys is home to some of the French Alps best-loved ski resorts including Val Thorens (the highest resort in Europe at 2,300m above sea level), Méribel, Courchevel and Saint-Martin-de-Belleville. Comprising 600km of varied slopes, the domain extends from 1,100m to 3,230m and is extremely popular with ski property buyers.

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