Property Agency Partners | Athena Advisers


Athena Advisers was started by connecting people with places and property, and cutting out the red tape in between.

These people, now our partner agents, wanted something that, whilst very simple, was often unavailable to them anywhere. 

They wanted a curated portfolio of the best property investment opportunities in Europe that their clients could cherry pick. They wanted easy-to-understand information that would resonate with their clients’ needs. 

But above all else they wanted reliability of the end product, the companies creating them and the service Athena Advisers would provide to get their clients over the finish line.

Why partner with Athena Advisers?

Access to only the best properties

We work closely with the top developers in each destination in helping them create high-end beautiful properties in the most sought-after areas.

Full range of property services

Partners and clients can make full use of our marketing tools, destination advisers, sales team, finance team, our back office and our rentals company — ensuring a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Full access to marketing tools

In creating informative brochures, web pages, newsletters, CGIs, drone footage, videos and more, we are able to communicate clearly and concisely with both our partners and their clients.

No client paperwork

We deal with all paperwork in-house including the administration, contract work, assistance with signature by proxy and more, meaning our partners can relax knowing that their clients are in safe hands.

Our partners

We work with all sizes of partners, from global property brands to private introducers. Each  has clients from different parts of the world, each with their own property investment requirements. 

The most important stage of working with a new partner is the beginning. In addition to building a good relationship, one founded upon like-minded values in the world of property, we have to understand what their clients want – their needs and wishes. 

Then, through professional efficiency, reliability, the sharing of market knowledge and simply helping partners keep their clients happy, we create a process that engages our partners to market our network of properties and investment opportunities effectively to their clients.

  • Global estate agencies
  • International property agents
  • Wealth managers
  • Private introducers
  • Independent financial advisers
  • Search agents
  • Online agencies
  • Property funds

Our fine tuned process

One of the main reasons our partner agents choose to work with us is quite simple: we increase the chances of getting their client over the finish line. But to get to this stage we have to have a synchronised strategy that is mutually beneficial. 

It starts with finding out what our partners’ goals are, what their clients’ needs are and how we can support these objectives using our range of in-house services. 

Stock selection and due diligence are important, but having our own back office team enables us to keep watch over a client’s progress throughout every stage of their purchase, helping them navigate financial, taxation or legal matters related to their property or investment.