Saint Martin de Belleville

Saint Martin de Belleville is a pit stop for most on the way to more populous resorts in Les Trois Vallées. The wooden chalets on the mountain backdrop are as attractive as any village in the Alps, and the Savoyard village is ideal for families and visitors who seek the quiet life in the mountains.

Saint Martin de Belleville sets itself apart from other resorts, many of which are built-for-purpose, as it was a simple village first before growing into a lively and healthy ski location. The village has largely remained untouched since the inception of electricity and running water in the 1950s, and thus provides a good look into the real Savoyan culture.

Baroque architecture and mills are seen through the winding streets. Small restaurants with local flavours are abundant in this tiny town. During the summer, there are enough hiking trails to excite any mountain hiking enthusiast. With quick access to the resort by car from the airports, or short taxi rides from the Albertville-Moûtiers train station, the resort is ideal for weekend visitors and those looking for a mountain escape with great access to ski pistes.

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