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€525,000 1 bedroom Sold

A few steps away from the Tagus River, between Santos and Cais do Sodré, Ribeira is a brand new renovation project offering 37 unique and high-end apartments. Located in a historic industrial area surrounded by cultural and social amenities, this former warehouse will be completely refurbished and transformed into bright and spacious apartments including lofts.

With an average price of €6,500/sqm, which proves to be much less expensive than other high-end properties in this area going up to €9,000/sqm, Ribeira represents an excellent opportunity for short-term rentals and capital gain. It is definitely the ideal choice for those who want to be part of a recently renovated area and start a new life in a highly sought after Lisbon neighbourhood.

Spread over four floors, these properties will enjoy sophisticated interiors, fully equipped kitchens and contemporary aesthetics. Some lofts will benefit from double height ceilings of nearly 5 meters, with a lovely mezzanine. Its link with industrial activities has fed through to the architectural design in using industrial materials such as metal and lime.

As part of a plan to develop this riverside area, public gardens will be created in the surrounding area and Ribeira’s western facade will be transformed into a beautiful vertical garden. The wide communal roof terrace at the southern end of the development, offering stunning river views, will create an exclusive and quiet area for the future owners, who will also enjoy an outdoor training area on the building’s rooftop.

Close to the famous and recently refurbished Time Out Market (also called Mercado da Ribeira), a landmark in Lisbon, this well-connected project is located near the public transportation hub of Cais do Sodré. Home to schools, art studios, bustling restaurants, colourful facades and charming old buildings surrounded by modern construction, this up-and-coming district has become sought after by locals working in the area's many businesses and travellers, who explore the neighbourhood’s bohemian spirit. Cais do Sodré is also one of Lisbon’s trendiest nightlife areas, with popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

About Santos

About Santos

Thanks to its proximity to Lisbon’s Port and Old Ship Yard, Santos was historically an industrial area with very few residential options. Yet since being dubbed the Santos Design District in 2005, the riverside neighborhood has evolved into a beacon for art enthusiasts and designers, who live and work side-by-side. In recent years, the shabby-chic area has stepped into the spotlight as Lisbon’s epicenter of cool and is playing a pivotal part in the city’s regeneration story. Home to a kaleidoscope of artists, designers, [...]

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