Saint Martin de Belleville - Roc de la Lune

€3.5M4-6 bedrooms

​Located right in the heart of the village, Roc de la Lune is one of the most exciting new-build offerings to come to St Martin de Belleville for many years.

Roc de la Lune can be formed as either one large chalet or two spacious semi-detached chalets, but whatever the format, the properties will be large, light-filled and spacious boasting views not normally achievable from such a central location in the village.

New-build properties like this are very rare for St Martin de Belleville. They are positioned less than two minutes walking distance from the historical and picturesque church, shops, restaurants and ski lifts.

If configured as semi-detached chalets, the two properties will offer some 175 sqm of space across floors with a private garage, a sauna and also additional outside space in the form of a terrace.

As a one single chalet, around 360 sqm of interior space will be on offer, enough for six ensuite bedrooms, spa facilities and a huge 120+ sqm entertaining level, which would form the hub of the property. There would also be two generously-sized terraces from which to enjoy the views.

The building is easily accessed by car, with its own private garage and separate entrances for each apartment (if configured this way).

About Saint Martin de Belleville

About Saint Martin de Belleville

Saint Martin de Belleville is a pit stop for most on the way to more populous resorts in Les Trois Vallées. The wooden chalets on the mountain backdrop are as attractive as any village in the Alps, and the Savoyard village is ideal for families and visitors who seek the quiet life in the mountains.Saint Martin de Belleville sets itself apart from other resorts, many of which are built-for-purpose, as it was a simple village first before growing into a lively and healthy ski location. The village has largely remained untouched [...]

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