Avenue Foch

€1.1M - €6.9M1-8 bedroomsSold

Avenue Foch in Paris is easily one of the top three most desirable and exclusive addresses in the city. Located in the 16th Arrondissement it runs from the Arc de Triomphe southwest to Port Dauphine on the edge of Boulogne Woods, Paris’ largest green space.

A handful of select apartments have recently become available in one of Avenue Foch’s most beautiful period Hausmannian-style buildings.

Built in 1893 by Alfred Fasquelle, who continued Haussman’s design efforts for inner Paris, the building effortlessly embodies Parisian architecture.

A range of apartments are available, offering spaces up to an impressive 499 sqm. Many of the apartments also have balconies or terraces, which reach to sizes of 21 sqm.

Some of the properties are available freehold and are ready to occupy, with the remaining properties being perfect for prime buy-to-let investors as they have tenants with leases lasting until Sept 2016.

About 16th arrondissement

About 16th arrondissement

Being one of the largest districts in Paris and housing more than 160,000 residents, the 16th arrondissement plays an important part for the city. The area is also one of Paris’s safest. For that reason, among many others, it attracts a large proportion of younger families. The streets are filled with many BCBG individuals, or “bon chic, bon genre”, stylish members of the upper class of Paris.The area is the most conservative of Paris, and largely focuses on wealthy families and how to cater to their needs. The streets are [...]

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