La Redorte - Le Château de la Redorte

€188,000 - €397,000 Studio-3 bedrooms Sold

The 18th century Château de la Redorte has been a residency of the d’Artois family for no less than five generations. 200 years after the first brick was laid, this exquisite building and its landscaped grounds have now been given a new breath of life, bringing the Château into a brand new era.

The properties available at this development have been highly popular with both French nationals and international buyers, each wanting their own home from which they can explore the bountiful Languedoc

Roussillon region. Such has been the popularity of this project that just a few opportunities now remain.

All the properties have been designed by revered architects which the homes to respect the original château and its environment. The façades are decorated with wooden arches and shutters. Each property opens on one side onto a private garden and the other one onto the pool and “Jardins-à-la-Française”, a perfect balance between privacy and a unique sense of community.

Le Chateau de la Redorte is the perfect haven for peace & tranquillity. It offers luxury facilities accommodating two private treatment rooms, a heated roman bath whose glass ceiling bathes the room in Languedoc’s sunlight.

About La Redorte

About La Redorte

The small village of La Redorte is rich in history. Located 25km away from Carcassonne, the village dates back all the way to the 13th century, while the churches and the chateau still stand proud. The village is quaint and full of charm. Local residents live off the thriving wine industry and make sure to embrace its heritage by celebrating old traditions year after year. The summer sees many tourists roaming through the streets and filling up the restaurants, looking for a nice historical and medieval village to visit, but the [...]

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