Apartments for sale - Gràcia, Josep Torres

€500,000 - €2.2M 1 & 4 bedrooms Last unit

Just five minutes on foot from the grand boulevards of Passeig Sant Joan, Passeig de Gràcia and Diagonal but still nestled in a quiet residential area, the properties for sale which include a spacious garden home with a private pool and a high-end attic are part of Josep Torres, a historic listed building being renovated to a number of exclusive smart-home apartments.

Built in 1892 by a local businessman keen on beautiful architecture, the building and its baroque facade are being fully restored, respecting its historical heritage and renovating the beauty of its period details. South-facing, the spacious gardens and other architectural features are bathed in natural sunlight.

The garden home even benefits from a 200 sqm generous garden and backyard, a ground-floor private pool, 3 or 4 en-suite bedrooms, high ceilings, underfloor heating, abundant natural light and cutting edge smart-home technology. Providing an opportunity to live in style and luxury in one of Barcelona’s most charming neighbourhoods, these high-end apartments offer the sensation of an oasis within the city. Modern comfort and smart-home technology are combined with historic architectural features to create properties as secure as there are inviting.

Located in a quiet street near the city centre but away from the crowds, this piece of this history is part of vibrant and cultural Gràcia neighbourhood. Home to many artisanal stores, traditional restaurants and typical Spanish bars, this up-and-coming area is well deserved and offers a high quality of life, with many parks and open spaces. Very popular with international residents, a friendly community has gradually developed over the years between expats and locals. Above all, Gràcia has property prices that remain cheaper than the better-known areas just around it, but that are expected to rise in the near future, with high potential for added value.

Considering the rich historic past of the building, the quality of the  finishes and their ideal location, Josep Torres properties offer a unique investment opportunity, providing a high-end yet calm environment in the heart of Barcelona. The Catalan capital also counts nearly 10m tourists per year plus a large number of students, making the region's rental market one of the most dynamic in Europe, with rental yields up to 6% for such properties.

About Gràcia

About Gràcia

The vibrant, boho-chic neighbourhood of Gràcia sits above Eixample and was originally built as an independent village before being annexed by Barcelona’s government in 1897.  While it is now central enough to walk to central Barcelona in 20 minutes (past the elegant shops that line Passeig de Gracia), it retains an air of a tight-knit village community. Ask a local, and they’ll be sure to tell you they live in Gràcia, rather than Barcelona.  To their credit, there’s much to be proud about. This lovely little neighbourhood [...]

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