Apartments and villas for sale - Comporta, La Réserve

€236,000 - €1.529M 2-5 bedrooms

Investing in a new destination isn’t always an easy decision to take. Yet, when the destination is located next to a nature reserve, has spectacular scenery, some of the best beaches in the country and growing attention from international clients, the decision is a no brainer. In Comporta, just 1 hour and 20 minutes south of Lisbon, a collection of 148 villas and apartments and a hotel will form a small community just minutes away from Carvalhal town with all amenities. The first new-build properties of their kind, La Réserve is raising the bar for construction and luxury in the region. Located next to a natural reserve, the surrounding environment here is one of outstanding beauty. A short five minute drive from La Réserve and you’ll be on one of the most stunning beaches in the area. Despite these obvious natural attractions, Comporta still remains widely untouched by the tourist masses and retain a rural charm.

Properties range from two to five bedroom apartments and villas in three main areas. Hotel apartments with three bedrooms are 64 sqm and ideal for couples and small families, but the apartments can be converted into a one-bed and studio for those wishing to rent out the property. All properties will have outdoor space either terraces or balconies.

The Fisherman’s Village will host 61 villas of two to four bedrooms with the option of joining two together to create a large villa. Some villas will have patio pools or rooftop pools. Prestige villas of three to five bedrooms are the largest with 158-256 interior sqm and 1,000-2,000 sqm of outdoor space with pool, Jacuzzi and BBQ. Owners can buy an extra lot to add to their outdoor space.

All properties at La Réserve are also available to buy as leaseback options and use a hassle-free management service to be rented out. With this option, owners must buy additional furniture packages for hotel apartments and Fisherman’s Village villas and will receive between 2-5% guaranteed rental yields depending on the type of property. All charges bar the annual housing tax for these two types of property will be covered by the management company. Prestige Villas will be furnished by the owners themselves who also cover all charges, however, they receive 70% of the rental yields.

Comporta is known for its rustic character. Its landscape is dotted with pines and cork trees, and the lifestyle here is reflective of its environment: laid back and outdoorsy. While the pace of life is much slower than that of a city’s, there are plenty of activities to get involved with including cycling, horse riding, yoga, snorkelling, diving, water skiing and golf on award-winning courses. The 8 beaches in the area also boast good waves for all levels of surfers and locals come here year round to paddle out to sea.

These properties represent an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get back to basics. The flexible options of freehold and leaseback attract different types of buyers and investors to create a diverse and exclusive community. With an increasing number of tourists coming here for holidays, and with new construction restrictions coming into place limiting building in future, these properties are expected to appreciate in capital in the coming years.

About Lisbon

About Lisbon

Lisbon is complex and unique and until recently wasn't seen as the obvious choice for a property investment, but in the past few years, it has seen a dramatic increase in popularity. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome are all cities that have a clear identity and cultural offering. Often thought of as the San Francisco of Europe, Lisbon is undergoing a major change. Portugal's capital is filled with winding, hilly streets. The architecture perfectly harmonises the old with the new. In addition, Lisbon is attracting young creative talent [...]

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