Commercial Property Investment Portland Rd

£1.321M Acquired

Unlike many of our commercial property investment opportunities in London, this deal strayed out of the central zones into another busy part of the city.

South Norwood (SE25) is an area of London that is seeing a significant change in social demographics, largely due to the influx of young professionals being priced out of the residential markets in Clapham, Balham and Streatham.

For impressive, consistent yields, this commercial property has been let by Sainsbury’s for a 15-year period from summer 2012, with an annual rent of £77,000, with yield increases linked to the RPI and a capped increase range of between 1% and 3.5%.

This increasingly affluent migrating population meant that a well-geared commercial property investment in a retail unit by a well-known brand gave great investment security and high potential for capital gain.

The commercial property, a ground floor unit, came with a lease of 999 years and a negligible ground rent. The property was purchased in 2012 for £1.17m.

About London

About London

United over 32 districts and an area of 1,572km sq, even locals can feel daunted at times by its sheer size. Yet what makes it seem so vast is London’s superb transport network, enabling its 9 million residents to hop around with relative ease –there’s little excuse not to visit that friend or new restaurant opening on the other side of town. Where possible, Londoners love to travel by foot, exploring the endless parks and green spaces that take up half of the city and make London one of the most verdant capitals in the world. [...]

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