Hotel Nicolai

4th arrondissement - Paris

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CHF1.771m - CHF6.77m

Located on the right bank of the river, in the heart of the Marais, this apartment for sale in Paris. This mansion is undergoing a complete renovation with very high-quality finishes. The development has two to four-bedroom apartments for sale. Most of them benefit from balconies or even patio terraces, and views over the Seine. Spacious interiors, high ceilings and traditional features make up this amazing and unique development that will be an incredible addition to the Parisian property market.

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Built on the grounds of the former Saint-Pol hotel composed of several private mansions, the 4 Quai des Célestins became the property of Nicolas de Nicolai, nephew of Gaspard de Fieubet, in the 17th century, and preserved its residential purpose. The baroque facade of The Hôtel Fieubet has been home to the Massillon school since 1877. The developer in charge of this project is renowned for his experience in renovating historic buildings.

Investment potential

Hotel Nicolai is classified as a historic building located in the heart of a central district, the 4th arrondissement. The historic project is undergoing a renovation, mixing history and modernity. Floors made in natural stone, in checkerboard or in terracotta tiles, ironwork railings, moulded ceilings or wooden beams are being restored, reworked and brought back to life.


Discovering the Marais district is much like rediscovering the history of France. Before it moved to Versailles, the nobility has erected its most beautiful mansions in there and today it is home to several museums. The neighbourhood also welcomes cobbled streets leading to the Place des Vosges and the riverside is also enjoyable for walking. Mixing nature and culture, there are plenty of walking paths: jogging along the river to the Jardin des Plantes and walking in Richard Lenoir boulevard’s market. One can also discover the small shops in rue Saint-Antoine, enjoy the bars of the very popular rue de Lappe, go to the cinema or theatre at the Bastille.

4th arrondissement

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in Paris, the 4th arrondissement is the medieval heart of the capital and is home to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks such as Hôtel de Ville and the fashionable Le Marais district. With a palpable history, bars, restaurants and shops, this area is particularly popular with tourists. The 4th arrondissem...

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