Apartments for sale, London - Strand 190

£1.728M - £7.379M 1-3 bedrooms

Located in what is known as the beating heart of London’s Cultural centre 190 Strand is a high end luxurious development close to the capital’s nightlife, theatres, shopping and the river Thames.

Landscaped gardens will form the backbone of this project and the buildings will work around these gardens whilst also being set back from the street by paved areas and Colonades. Residents will have full access to a 24 hour concierge service as well as amenities that include an on-site cinema, state of the art gym and private swimming pool.

All apartments are designed with the utmost care and equipped with bespoke interiors showcasing quality material and craftsmanship. Miele Kitchens and high quality marble in the bathrooms combine with the best of modern design such as the latest lighting technology and even as far as customised door handles.

Sophisticated and contemporary living are two words that best describe this one of a kind project.

About London

About London

United over 32 districts and an area of 1,572km sq, even locals can feel daunted at times by its sheer size. Yet what makes it seem so vast is London’s superb transport network, enabling its 9 million residents to hop around with relative ease –there’s little excuse not to visit that friend or new restaurant opening on the other side of town. Where possible, Londoners love to travel by foot, exploring the endless parks and green spaces that take up half of the city and make London one of the most verdant capitals in the world. [...]

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