Apartments for sale, London - Battersea Power Station

£1.356M - £7.469M 2-4 bedrooms

The properties for sale at London’s Battersea Power Station together comprise the largest single development project in central London since Canary Wharf.

The new phase three collection of properties will form part of a new pedestrianised area called The Electric Boulevard, which is designed to be the main entrance point for the entire development project. The boulevard will be a split-level walkway offering 350,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant space.

The iconic nature of this project cannot be understated. Using one of London’s most famous riverside landmarks, once a vibrant hub of commerce and life, the new Battersea Power Station will reestablish this area of London as an energetic quarter, home to life, business and leisure.

In addition to a front line river location next to the Thames and adjacent to the beautiful 200 acre Battersea Park, Battersea Power Station will be the site for a new Northern Line extension station, giving this part of the city a new level of access to the rest of London.

Amenities are a huge park of the future life for residents at Battersea Power Station. In addition to a huge choise of retail and restaurant options, there will be a 7,000 sq ft resident’s lounge and gardens, a 7,500 sq ft roof garden with indoor screening rooms and private dining rooms. A 5,400 sq ft gym will also be available for residents, which overlooks the Power Station Itself and the Electric Boulevard below.

A range of two to four bedroom apartments and penthouses are available for sale at the third phase of Batterseas Power Station with sizes ranging from 77-289 sqm.

About London

About London

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