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€395,000 - €690,000 New launch

Discover this exclusive collection of 15 apartments for sale located on Avenida dos Aliados in downtown Porto. This area is lined with protruding Parisian-style beaux-arts facades that echo the architecture of Budapest or Buenos Aires.

This project is one of the first of its kind in the city centre. It provides the exclusive experience of living in downtown with a contemporary twist with all the amenities, top-of-the-line materials to enjoy a charming lifestyle in the city bubble. 

The property 

These apartments are just a step away from the iconic Rivoli Theatre, the 19th-century building of Mercado do Bolhão and its organic local food stalls, São Bento Train Station and Torre dos Clérigos. After a short walk or a quick tram ride through the narrow streets lined with cafes and traditional shops, this charismatic city opens up onto the Douro river.

Porto is home to many worldly famed architects and cutting-edge architecture. Designed by the Architect António Leitão Barbosa, this is a renovation project that preserves the details and soft lines of the romantic era, while showcasing a completely contemporary twist on the inside, with its premium, elegant finishes and natural light radiating through windows and balconies.

Located in the noblest area of the city, these apartments offer a contemporary high-end lifestyle with the charming touch of other times, just a few steps away from the city main attractions.

With areas between 54 sqm and 128 sqm, facing Liberdade Square and Sampaio Bruno Street, this remarkable property has an excellent location near commercial areas, high-end restaurants, bars, cafés and also the main public transport network.

The design boasts a remarkable combination of noble materials such as polished marble from Estremoz, black Marquina marble and rooftop terraces with traditional red ceramic flooring. Ready to accommodate all kinds of lifestyles, there are options with one or two bedrooms.

Investment potential

With prime properties in Porto going up to €8,000 per sqm, this property is a great opportunity for investment, offering a lower average of €5,900 per sqm. Given its prime location and beautiful finishes, it will perform well in the mid and long-term rental markets with estimated rental yields of 6%.

These competitively-priced apartments are a perfect asset for families who desire a truly cosmopolitan but safe lifestyle near schools, trendy restaurants and cafés and all cultural attractions.

These apartments are also eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa programme which paves the way to European citizenship. 


Recently winning the hearts of many, Porto was voted the European Best Destination three times in the past few years. Being the second biggest city in Portugal, this historical and renovated city is trending not only for its beauty but also its safety and quality of life as well as bustling lifestyle and cultural scene.

History, architecture, culture, gastronomy and wine, trade, adventure and discovery are all part of this city of dramatic landscapes and romantic facades, concept stores, art-nouveau cafes and green areas. Here, mobility is taken into serious account with a modern and wide-ranging tram system. More and more start-ups and multinationals are settling in as the city breathes entrepreneurship, with great investment opportunities. Mixing modernity and tradition, Porto is a real Portuguese gem waiting to be unveiled.

About Porto

About Porto

Named as the best European destination twice in the last five years, Porto is famed not only for its dramatic landscape overlooking the Douro River but also for its eclectic mix of historic and contemporary architecture. The fantastic Casa da Música is just as impressive and photogenic as the tile panels of São Bento Station. Porto has an interesting history which goes all the way back to the Ancient Romans. Around the year 450, Cale was a small Celtic village where the Romans built a port, called "Portus Cale", being occupied [...]

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