Apartment for sale, Flamengo - Joseph Gire

R$2.8M 4 Bedrooms

Discover this charming Belle Époque apartment for sale in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro. Spanning 233 square metres, this property features detailed high ceilings of over 4 metres and spacious, light-filled rooms.

This property is located on the second floor of the majestic Praia do Flamengo building and was designed by Joseph Gire, a well-known French architect who also created Copacabana Palace, Hotel Glória and Palácio das Laranjeiras.

A true architectural gem, the building in which the apartment is located features a beautifully preserved. This makes it a truly unique residence. The apartment has four bedrooms, two of which have an en-suite bathroom, two spacious living rooms, a dining room and a large fully-equipped kitchen with an informal dining space. There is an additional room on the top floor, originally designed to be a ‘chambre de bonne’, which can be converted into an office, a studio or a gym.

Why is this a good opportunity?

It is an absolute rarity to find a historic property with carefully preserved original features in this area. This apartment is an attractive investment opportunity as it is priced at 7% below the average for this neighbourhood and offers long-term rental yields of around 5%.

Why Flamengo?

Right next to the Guanabara Bay, Flamengo is famous for its waterfront architecture with an eclectic mix of classic, modern and art deco buildings. Flamengo is also home to a huge urban park filled with tall palm trees and exotic plants, perfect for walking or enjoying Rio’s sunny climate.

One of the most traditional and upscale neighbourhoods in Rio, Flamengo is a quieter neighbourhood than Copacabana has an excellent selection of traditional restaurants and bars, as well as access to some of the best international schools and health facilities.

Additionally, this neighbourhood is strategically located halfway between the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, which can be easily reached by subway or a 10-minute drive by car or taxi.

About Rio de Janeiro

About Rio de Janeiro

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