Apartments for sale - Jardim da Glória, Graça

€620,000 - €1.875M2-4 bedroomsNew launch

Settled in a very traditional and old district, on the highest hill of the city, lies this eagerly awaited collection of properties for sale in Lisbon. With nothing like it and primed for growth, offering very competitive prices, a central location and outstanding facilities, this project is one of the most exciting investment opportunities Lisbon has ever had in recent years.

Right next to Alfama and the São Jorge Castle, Graça is known for its ‘local feeling’ and its stunning views over the city. Very well connected to the city centre and benefiting from great infrastructure and services, this area is starting to generate a lot of interest.

Jardim da Glória, a complex of 5 buildings on a massive 5000 sqm estate in the heart of Graça, offers spacious and modern apartments for those who want to live a practical and comfortable life in an authentic neighbourhood - an absolute rarity in this historic area.

Guarded by 3 fully renovated period buildings, this project extends to 2 modern 4 storey buildings, a total of 5 buildings, set in a lush of green and blue. With apartments for sale ranging from 97 to 245 sqm, 2 to 4 bedrooms, and offering terraces or gardens up to 179 sqm, these modern residences present tailor-made finishes and top-of-the-line design.

Designed by ARX Architects, the Gondwana Biodiversity Development and José Veludo (one of the best landscapers in town), this project combines historic features with modern architecture and biophilia design, resulting in a seamless integration of the natural world into modern living. From communal to private gardens, swimming pool, a relaxation centre and spa, a vegetable garden, a kid’s area and private parking… Jardim da Glória, also known as the green island, promises to address everyone’s needs.

What's the investment potential?

Graça is one of three oldest Bairros of Lisbon. In hot demand and with prices between €5,000 and €6,500 for prime refurbishments, this charming neighbourhood is up to 20% cheaper than its well-known neighbour Alfama. Still very affordable and attractive, however, property prices are on the rise here and will soon catch up.

This unique green project has an average of €5,800/sqm, meaning there is immediate room for capital growth in the region, of 40% over two years, supported by a strong long-term rental market.

Why is this opportunity so exciting?

Jardim da Glória is the only project in the area to have the very rare combination of swimming pool, spa, gardens, parking and a location, steeped in history, right next to Alfama and the São Jorge Castle.

Graça is a family-friendly and residential area, very well connected to the city centre and benefits from great infrastructure and services, which is why the property market here is heating up, but there is a lack of modern or refurbished properties. These spacious modern apartments in Graça fill that gap and there is strong international and domestic demand for them.


Why Graça?

Dated back to the 13th century, Graça is set on the highest of the seven hills of Lisbon, above Alfama and next to the castle, offering spectacular views over the castle, the river and the city. Known for two very famous viewpoints, Miradouro de Santa Graça and Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, this typical neighbourhood is a preferred spot to many.

A beautiful district where traditional architecture, cobblestones streets, trams and Portuguese tiles along with a slow-paced way of life, hardback to an older Lisbon. Surrounded by beautiful squares, open-air cafés, colourful houses and local stores and restaurants, this charming neighbourhood vibrates authenticity and simplicity.

Having updated and modernised some of its main squares and commerce areas, today there is a balanced fusion of the traditional and contemporary. Steps away from several historic sites, Graça is also home to amazing street art and art studios, never ceasing to amaze those who walk by. Within walking distance of most Lisbon’s hotspots, this traditional and peaceful neighbourhood is very well connected to the rest of the city.

About Lisbon

About Lisbon

Lisbon is complex and unique and until recently wasn't seen as the obvious choice for a property investment, but in the past few years, it has seen a dramatic increase in popularity. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome are all cities that have a clear identity and cultural offering. Often thought of as the San Francisco of Europe, Lisbon is undergoing a major change.Portugal's capital is filled with winding, hilly streets. The architecture perfectly harmonises the old with the new. In addition, Lisbon is attracting young creative talent [...]

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