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Property for sale in the South of France
An aerial view over French Riviera villas interspersed with lush green trees

Home to some of France’s prettiest villages, breathtaking scenery and, of course, the iconic Côte d’Azur, it is easy to see why so many people dream of buying a property for sale in the South of France. Our local property experts have chosen the finest villas and apartments based on lifestyle appeal and investment potential.

With an office in Cannes, Athena Advisers has a strong presence in the French Riviera and a carefully curated portfolio of properties for sale in the South of France.

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From villas with swimming pools to apartments with views over the Mediterranean, explore our stunning collection of properties.

South of France property for sale.

Why buy a property in the South of France

“With kilometres of beautiful coastline on the doorstep and 300 days of sunshine, owning a property in the South of France is the ultimate lifestyle investment.”

Julie Giraudeau, South of France Sales Coordinator

An aerial view of the azure sea rolling into an empty sandy beach in Nice, France

Local property experts

Our team of property experts have found the very best villas, houses and apartments for sale in the South of France. With a modern-minded approach we apply to everything we do.

The South of France is a vast area encompassing an eclectic mix of seaside destinations, cities and smaller towns. As you can expect, there is a great variety of villas, plots, apartments and houses for sale in the South of France and the types of residences available really vary from one town to another. Real estate prices in this region have increased over the past year, with houses for sale in the South of France seeing the largest increases.

At Athena Advisers, we focus on properties for sale in the French Riviera where one can find a good range of apartments, houses and villas. Many of our properties in the South of France, such as these houses for sale in Sainte-Maxime, are new builds and benefit from swimming pools and generous exterior space – perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean climate.

Property prices

Property prices in this sought-after region vary greatly according to the location. Nevertheless, all areas have experienced strong price growth over the past year. Generally speaking, houses or villas for sale in the South of France tend to command higher prices per sqm than apartments.

The Nice/Côte d’Azur region has the highest price per sqm outside of the Paris metropolitan area and property prices in this region have risen significantly over the past year with house prices rising by 11.5% and apartment prices increasing by 6.8%.

The Montpellier Mediterranean metropolitan area saw house prices rise by 11.9% – the largest increase in the South of France. When it comes to apartments, the Provence-Marseille metropolitan area led the way with prices increasing by 11.4%.

You will also find that the price per sqm will vary considerably within each area. This is particularly notable in the French Riviera. For example, properties for sale in Saint-Tropez can reach €15,000 per sqm yet properties just 15 minutes down the road can offer 50% lower prices per sqm.

Save €1,000s with a new-build

Though many are drawn to resale properties due to their lower price per sqm, new-build properties in France come with a unique set of advantages which means that dream of buying a house in the South of France may be more economical than you thought.

In France, all property transactions must be overseen by a notary, or notaire in French, and notaries charge a preset fee depending on the price of your property and whether it is a new-build or an existing one. The price of the notary is the same, regardless of whom you choose to partner with. Resale properties have a notary fee which equates to 7-8% of the property prices whilst new builds have a much more competitive rate of 2-2.5%. This can result in some excellent savings.

Many people who buy a property in the South of France choose to rent out the residence when they are not occupying it to generate extra income and help the property pay for itself. If the property is a new build, owners may be able to reclaim the 20% VAT from the property purchase price. This can allow property owners to save thousands of euros. In order to be eligible for this programme, the new-build residence must be rented out on an ongoing basis and three out of four hotel-like services need to be provided.

If this is something of interest, please do get in touch and our experienced Athena Client Relations team can aid you with this process and introduce you to a trusted rental management agency from our little black book.

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Our approach allows us to confidently present our clients not only with beautiful properties, but also with sound investment opportunities in each of our markets thanks to both the local presence of our on-the-ground experts and the strong network of highly regarded developers and architects we’ve formed exclusive partnerships with.

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