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On the banks of the Tagus River rises one of Lisbon’s most historic neighbourhoods. Only a few minutes away from the city centre, Belém is known as a noble area with many famous palaces and museums. It also has some incredible seafood restaurants. Although it is home to a number of popular landmarks, such as the famous Torre de Belém, Belém is generally a quieter neighbourhood when compared to the busy city centre. Its tree-lined streets and famous monuments co-exist among open gardens and beautiful residential areas with new and stylish apartments for sale. If you are looking to live in a neighbourhood or bairro where you will be immersed in culture and art, whilst staying close to, but sheltered from city centre buzz, then Belém is the place to be. Explore our handpicked portfolio of properties for sale in Belém, with apartments located in one of the most exclusive parts of Belém.


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Apartments for sale,  Belém –  Unique Belém - Athena AdvisersApartments for sale,  Belém –  Unique Belém - Athena AdvisersApartments for sale,  Belém –  Unique Belém - Athena Advisers

Unique Belém

Belém - Lisbon - Portugal
€500,000 - €1.75m
1 Bedrooms
Brand new apartments in a truly unique location with garden and river views and a stunning pool.

Why invest in Belém?

Green neighbourhood with lots of parks
Amazing river views
Home to famous landmarks
Close the the city centre

The peaceful atmosphere of Belém belies an area under constant innovation and improvement, making it a highly desirable neighbourhood for those wishing to relocate to Lisbon or for property investment. With a team of local property experts based in Lisbon, we are able to keep pace with this change, identifying the most exciting properties for sale, such as Unique Belém. These new-build apartments are perfect for those looking for contemporary living with a range of options including beautifully designed one-bedroom apartments through to a luxurious four-bedroom, top-floor apartment with private pool and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city

As a historic, riverside neighbourhood full of charisma and charm and with its own personality, Belém properties are aligned with the neighbourhood vibe offering a perfect lifestyle investment for families who wish to live comfortably in Lisbon. Although prices in Belém are higher than other neighbourhoods in the Portuguese capital, it continues to offer lower prices compared to other European capitals with a very balanced cost of living. In general, anyone who invests in real estate in Belém can expect an excellent rental income, capital gain potential and the annual return from rental profits can reach 8%, depending on the type of property.

Lisbon has become very attractive to property investors and to those looking for a lifestyle relocation, especially because of the Portuguese Golden Visa programme and the tax benefits of the Non-Habitual Residents programme. Properties for sale in Belém are expected to perform well in the long-term rental market.

Property prices have increased in the central Lisbon districts over the last few years, so international buyers need to carefully consider their objectives before deciding which neighbourhood to invest in. In addition, due to the events of 2020, people are changing their priorities, shifting their interest into properties with open spaces, natural light and green areas – all characteristics which investors can find at our Belém properties.

Today, the property market in Lisbon is much more like a modern European city similar to that of Paris or Barcelona. And neighbourhoods like Belém are also attracting investment thanks to its unique location and newly built apartments with modern facilities, unlike the vast majority of buildings in other neighbourhoods around the city. It’s also important to highlight the easy access to general services, the waterfront promenade, and how the large, green areas make it a good choice to call home for families with plenty of excellent schools also in the area.

From walking tours by the river to museum visits, Belém is well placed to be able to offer many memorable experiences. Here you will find a number of Lisbon’s most remarkable sites, such as Belém Tower, the Jeronimos Monastery, the Monument to the Discoveries and The Belém Palace (official residence of the President). By the river you will find the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) and a wide promenade full of bars and restaurants, with plenty of space for walking,  jogging and cycling. Whatever the season, Belém offers every kind of experience. Having a picnic with family and friends at the large, leafy park by the river is one of our favourite things to do and it’s even better on a balmy evening at sunset. 

The neighbourhood is home to delicious local cuisine such as the famous Pastéis de Belém, the pastry shop named after its famous dessert – the delicious Portuguese custard tart. It’s a must-have.

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