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Discover our exclusive portfolio of apartments for sale in Paris 5th arrondissement. The 5th arrondissement was once the centre and academic heart of Paris but it has also developed into an extremely popular tourist destination. As this district is still dominated by colleges, universities, and exclusive high schools, it is a lively area with attractions catering mainly to students. The area is filled with shops, bookstores, inexpensive bars, and eateries. It is well known for intellectuals having serious discussions over drinks in its many bars and cafes, although many residents believe that the area has lost some its previous allure of yesteryear. The 5th arrondissement is very lively, as there is always a new bookshop or bar to see, day or night. This district provides a great look at the youthful scene of Paris without wandering too far from the city centre. At Athena Advisers, we carefully select the finest apartments for our Paris 5 th arrondissement collection. Browse and enquire today about our range of select apartments for sale in Paris 5th arrondissement below.

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