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Discover our exclusive portfolio of apartments for sale in Paris 18th arrondissement. The 18th arrondissement is going through a regeneration. This district of Paris was first developed in the 1840s to provide temporary housing to workers in the provinces, but it quickly developed into a settlement for European immigrants. It is perhaps better known as the centre of the flourishing artist community of the early 20th century (1907-1914), where such artists as Dali, Duchamp and Picasso lived and worked for a period. This influx of immigrants and bohemians created a very colourful, lively and diverse neighbourhood that remains to this day. This part of the city is also popular with tourists and some of the main attractions are Sacré-Coeur Basilica, Montmartre Cemetery and Le Moulin Rouge. At Athena Advisers, we carefully select the finest apartments for our Paris 18th arrondissement collection. Browse and enquire today about our apartments for sale in Paris 18 arrondissement below.

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