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Vila Real Taleu

Studio - 1 Bedroom
280000 - 340000

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Access the Golden Visa programme from €280,000 by investing in freehold, renovated apartments in the Douro Valley.

This collection of 14 serviced apartments and two commercial units is set in the historic centre of Vila Real, the capital of the majestic Douro Valley. As the project is a renovation in a low-density area, it is eligible for the Golden Visa programme at the lower investment threshold of €280,000.

The apartments are sold freehold and if you choose to take out the hassle-free rental management agreement you can generate guaranteed gross rental yields of 3.5% for the first five years. This equates to €49,000 minus taxes on all €280,000 apartments. What’s more, this income will be paid upfront and you will be able to stay at the property seven days a year - perfect for meeting the Golden Visa’s stay requirements.

The properties

Set in the historic centre of Vila Real, the capital of the majestic Douro Valley and 45 minutes’ drive from Porto Airport, these serviced apartments will rent well as their location will appeal to those who want to enjoy the city or travel around the Trás-os-Montes region and explore its beautiful landscape.

The project comprises two commercial units and 14 optimised studios with interior areas ranging from 34 sqm to 40 sqm. Ready to start generating income immediately upon delivery, the properties will be sold fully furnished and equipped and decorated in a contemporary style.


Available properties.

Unit Type Bedrooms Interior sqm Outside space Floorplan Total price Interested
Shop 2 Studio 140 Yes 340000
A 1 38 Yes 280000
B 1 40 Yes 280000
D 1 33 Yes 280000
E 1 33 Yes 280000
G 1 38 Yes 280000
H 1 40 Yes 280000
K 1 33 Yes 280000
M 1 39 Yes 280000

Investment potential

These €280,000 Golden Visa properties are sold freehold, meaning you can live in the property if you want or rent it out to generate income. If you purchase an apartment and opt for the hassle-free rental management agreement, you will receive a guaranteed yield of 3.5% for the first five years and this will be paid upfront one month after signing the promissory contract.


“This is a rare opportunity to access the Golden Visa programme by investing as little as €280,000 in freehold residential real estate.”

Carlota Pelikan, Destination Adviser for Portugal

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