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The shores of Brazil’s northeastern coast are to become the home to the first-of-its-kind community of beachfront homes, designed to be the ultimate residences for breathtaking kitesurfing, exploring an unspoilt natural coastline and for moving life into a different pace.

Across a 60,000 square metre beachfront area, Atobá will combine five-star hotel services with a full range of amenities such as a swimming pool, yoga and meditation areas, beach bar and restaurant. 

Just 22 minutes away from Jericoacoara airport and with perfect conditions for kitesurfing, Costa do Preá is home to one of the Ceara region’s longest beaches, Praia do Préa. This beautiful shoreline of over 20km comprises dunes, mangroves and terrain dotted with palm trees all formed by the region’s tropical climate. A protected haven, Préa beach accounts for 33% of the Jericoacoara National Park.

Typical of northeastern Brazil, the seasons here are limited to two. Between June and February, the days are warm and dry, making for excellent and consistent winds throughout, especially from July to December, creating the perfect climate for kitesurfers. For the remaining three months of the year, the rainy season begins replenishing the soil and filling the mangroves with natural rivers.

The properties

Built in the style of an intimate village to help create a real sense of community, Kitesurfer’s nest comprises 18 casas da mata (large villas) and 28 casas da vila (smaller villas) complemented by communal areas and facilities. In harmony with their beautiful surroundings, these properties feature a rustic yet chic design with whitewashed walls, blue wooden shutters and tiled roofs. Key materials include locally sourced stone and wood as well as fibers from the carnaúba palm which is native to northern Brazil.

Furnished with carefully curated pieces, the interiors will be finished in a modern style infused with local charm. All of the properties feature ample space for unwinding and creating fond memories with family and friends with large open-plan living and dining areas that open up to spacious terraces - perfect for dining al fresco or enjoying some well-deserved rest in a hammock.

It will also have all the necessary kitesurfing infrastructure, such as a kite hangar, maintenance area, observation and first aid tower, as well as the ability to partake in other popular activities famous throughout the area including canoeing and fishing and horseback riding.


Investment potential

Firstly, Atobá is an excellent lifestyle investment for those who want a home away from home in an area of natural beauty, where they can enjoy kitesurfing and other outdoor sports as well as downtime with friends and family.

What’s more, these properties are set to perform well on the short-term rental market. The number of rental properties in the area is now 67% higher than pre-Covid (Q2 2019 Vs Q2 2022), demonstrating the demand from local and international tourists and is a strong statement in post-Covid tourism for the area. Comparing data from AirDna, the rental property research organisation, the Cruz area of Jericoacoara has 14% more rental properties in Q1 2022 than in pre-pandemic Q4 2019.

For a sport that only officially existed just before the turn of the millennium, kitesurfing has seen exponential growth with the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) estimating around 3.5 million kiteboarders worldwide. Even in 2021, when many travel restrictions were in place worldwide, the global kiteboarding equipment grew by 5.97% and is expected to grow at almost 8% (7.73%) each year until 2025. The market research organisation Technavio estimates that the kitesurfing equipment market will grow by $293m, when comparing 2020 versus 2025 and expects Europe to contribute towards 48% of this growth.

Available properties.

Unit Type Bedrooms Interior sqm Outside space Floorplan Total price Interested
01-V Villa 2 120 Yes 2097038
02-V Villa 2 120 Yes 2047895
03-V Villa 2 120 Yes 1965145
04-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2211386
05-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2213754
06-V Villa 2 120 Yes 2096408
07-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2324380
08-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2440036
09-V Villa 2 120 Yes 2312432
10-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2297897
17-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2322820
18-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2369697
27-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2184084
28-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2180725
29-V Villa 2 120 Yes 1917387
30-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2177587
31-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2132608
32-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2165985
37-V Villa 2 109 Yes 2199451
38-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2323274
39-V Villa 2 109 Yes 1777564
40-V Villa 2 109 Yes 1861752
41-V Villa 2 109 Yes 1838159
42-V Villa 2 138 Yes 2197399
43-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2127989
44-V Villa 2 120 Yes 1994883
45-V Villa 2 109 Yes 1853764
46-V Villa 2 134 Yes 2192754
11-G Villa 4 236 Yes 4588604
12-G Villa 4 236 Yes 4870094
13-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4457600
14-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4692368
15-G Villa 4 239 Yes 5323441
16-G Villa 4 236 Yes 5299259
19-G Villa 4 239 Yes 5381439
20-G Villa 4 236 Yes 4928973
21-G Villa 4 239 Yes 4989357
22-G Villa 4 236 Yes 5093099
23-G Villa 4 239 Yes 4815529
24-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4630080
25-G Villa 4 239 Yes 4819394
26-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4751253
33-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4927415
34-G Villa 4 236 Yes 5103344
35-G Villa 4 230 Yes 4746313
36-G Villa 4 239 Yes 4884776

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