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Property For Sale in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Discover Athena Advisers’ exclusive portfolio of property for sale in Rio de Janeiro. Rio known as the “Marvelous City” is one of the most visited cities in South America and it is easy to see why. Rio is the beating heart of samba and bossa nova and has captivated visitors throughout the years with its stunning landscape, strong local culture and Rio’s vibrant and contagious sounds, colours and flavours. There is also the Carnaval, the world’s largest party which has been imitated all over the world, but they pale in comparison to the original. After years of economic turmoil, Rio has appeared on the radar for international real estate investors, thanks to the resumption of the oil industry which is imperative to Brazil’s and Rio’s economy. This influx of thousands of skilled workers is driving the demand for luxury properties in Rio. The government has also introduced new regulations regarding the Brazilian visa programme which allows foreigners who buy real estate in Brazil to apply for a residency permit. These new regulations make it simpler for foreigners to live and invest in Brazil. At Athena Advisers, we carefully curate the finest properties for our Rio de Janeiro real estate collection. Browse and enquire today about our property for sale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil below

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