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Real Estate for Sale in Barcelona

Looking to buy property in Barcelona?

Discover Athena Advisers’ handpicked portfolio of property for sale in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is the capital and largest city in Catalonia as well as being the second most populous city in Spain. It is easy to see why it is one of Europe’s most visited cities (38 million in 2018). People are drawn to its laid back Mediterranean lifestyle, its warm and sunny climate, easily accessible beaches, world class food scene, fantastic nightlife, rich history, low crime rate and attractions (Barcelona has nine World Heritage Sites). Tourists are not the only ones to succumb to Barcelona’s charms and low cost of living. It attracts many expats and 17% of which, now make up the city’s population.

Spain’s economy is on the up and property prices in Barcelona are slowly recovering from their peaks of 2007. Local and international investors are drawn to these potential bargains in one of Europe’s most attractive property markets. Spain’s Golden Visa also continues to prove very attractive for foreign investors seeking European residency and is further increasing demand. At Athena Advisers, we carefully select the finest properties for our Barcelona real estate portfolio. Browse and enquire about our current range of luxury property for sale in Barcelona below.

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