French Mortgage rates drop to new historic lows

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This is a headline we’ve seen more than once over the last 18 months, but its importance cannot be overstated.

Average non-resident clients can currently access rates of 2.45%, fixing them for 20 years. Clients with better profiles can often achieve 2.25% and if the property is in a destination like Paris or a big resort in the Alps, with the right profile it is possible to access rates below 2.00%.

With a fixed 20-year repayment mortgage, clients know exactly what they will be paying each month until their mortgage is completely paid off. Whilst this may seem simple premise, with many buyers across the world used to fixed terms of 2-5 years across durations of 30 years, the peace of mind this and financial security that this offers can sometimes be hard to take in.


Compared to this time two years ago, the savings that can be made on interest payments for a standard repayment loan that is fixed for 20 years are substantial.

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