Developer Testimonials

“These guys are efficient, you never need to repeat information and they are very good at providing advice during the planning of a project.”

Jean-Charles Covarel, Actima

“Athena Advisers provide us with a constant flow of information and clients who appreciate our product. Once the sale has been decided they offer on-going support to the client throughout the sale process which includes advice on French legal proceedings, which may appear complicated to a non-French national.

The activity and input from Athena Advisers in Courchevel has greatly contributed and accelerated our sales objectives for our Three Valley developments and in the authentic mountain resort of Les Gets, Athena Advisors has also contributed greatly to our sales targets over recent years.”

Alpine Lodges, Les Gets & Courchevel 1650

If you’re a developer, Athena Advisers is the ideal partner, acting as a full-service adviser to help you reach international investors in a meaningful way. Our shared passion for the build, cultural understanding of your market and of our clients means that more than often we can advise you prior to a property’s official release to ensure it meets international demand.

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