Developer Case Study – Terresens

Terresens, one of the leading property development companies in the French Alps has been in partnership with Athena Advisers for over six years. We recently interview Terresens Group CEO Geraud Cornillon to find out why their value their partnership with us.

How did your collaboration with Athena begin?

Athena Advisers is known and recognised by real estate professionals in France. We wanted in 2009 to open up internationally and reach a foreign clientele. We naturally turned to Athena Advisors who we considered to be the most knowledgeable and experts in their field.

What made you decide to work with us exclusively?

Our motto is not “divide and rule” but rather “work hand in hand”. An exclusive mandate enured a greater impact with their customers in UK and worldwide.

How has your partnership allowed you to access non-resident buyers?

Our partnership with Athena is based on trust and loyalty and one where we try our best to share our knowledge and our skills. Terrésens helps Athena Advisers access opportunities in the French market and in return we benefit from Athena’s high-performance sales network and established links to private investors. In addition, Athena Advisers not only has full knowledge of French real estate laws but also the workings of our government. Thanks to this, the company is able to offer suitable real estate projects whilst taking into account any cultural diversities.

How does Athena support you with the development of future projects?

The expertise of Athena Advisers is very important to us. We consult on the beginnings of a real estate project and we adapt our products by sharing their knowledge of the demands of international clients with our teams of architects.

Can you give us an example?

We launched a program this winter (2014/2015) in Chatel of 19 luxury apartments and the project was sold in less than two months. Athena Advisers worked hard to help us include important requirements for a good apartment layout (large bedrooms, bathroom and toilet on each floor) and this helped with the saleability.


If you’re a developer, Athena Advisers is the ideal partner, acting as a full-service adviser to help you reach international investors in a meaningful way. Our shared passion for the build, cultural understanding of your market and of our clients means that more than often we can advise you prior to a property’s official release to ensure it meets international demand.

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