Where do Russians buy property in France?

14 June

As we approach a series of major overseas property shows in Russia, it is good to know what type of French property is typically most appealing to Russian buyers.

Sunshine and beaches – these are what one million and two hundred Russians looked for in 2012, almost 40% more than the year before. The trend continues today, even out of season.

Here at Athena we seize every opportunity to offer our best stock on the sunny French coast and satisfy even the most discerning of Russian clients.

The location we put in the limelight this summer was St Tropez – the absolute gem of the French Riviera, one of the world’s most prestigious and expensive seaside resorts. Fabulous white sand beaches, highest service quality and the Provencal zest – all the right ingredients to make this place a paradisiac destination.  

The little fishermen’s village of St Tropez accidentally discovered and greatly admired by Guy de Maupassant and later made famous by the half Russian French director Roger Vadim in his 50s cinema classic “Et Dieu créa la femme” is a prestigious resort and the host town of luxury yacht regattas. Being so popular with Russians, it now hosts annual music festivals with Moscow pop stars.

Celebrities not only like to come here for a holiday, they build themselves luxury villas in the far end of the peninsula. A villa with 1-2 hectares of land in Cap-Ferrat will cost around 50 million euro, whereas for a similar offer in St Tropez a buyer would pay 10 million.

A European buyer generally sees the property purchase from a purely practical point of view. A Russian buyer however needs to lose his heart to it. It has to be a coup-de-coeur, a kind of beauty that has to belong to him or her and the budget follows the desires. This is why when offering them our property selection we try to adopt their way of thinking, aiming to understand what exactly they would like to have as a perfect home. 

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