What makes a property truly ski-in, ski-out and does it have to come with a £1m+ price tag?

14 June

For lovers of the white-stuff, there’s little more appealing than popping their boots into their bindings directly outside their ski home. And if at the end of the day you can glide back to the same place you then have what is called a ski-in, ski-out home.

Those on the search for a ski-in, ski-out property can often be frustrated by certain takes on what this classification means. Some developers and agents are all too often a little bit ‘loose’ with this term, simply because it quickly takes the property on to a different playing field and elevates it above the rest. You can compare this to the way London properties always seem to be ‘metres from the nearest tube station’. Of course wherever ‘metres’ is used it usually actually means ‘at least 500m-1km’.

Ski-in, ski-out properties should be simply that; properties which one can both ski into, and ski out of. Simple, yes? However, some ski-in, ski-out properties, especially single dwellings like chalets, can carry a 10-20% price tag premium and sometimes these locations make it access by car very tricky should there be a lot of snow (which there is likely to be in such a location).

However, high quality well-located ski-in, ski-out properties can also be found at the more affordable end of the market (apartments under €200k), and if you can find one within a car free resort there will be no issues over inaccessibility. Take Belle Plagne for example, the pedestrian car-free resort part of the Paradiski ski domain. All cars are left in car parks and then some properties, like those at Le Centaure, are access directly via underground lifts.

This means no slogging it up the road with luggage and rental skis, and simply arriving at your own ski-in, ski-out apartments’ staffed reception area. Now that’s how it should be….

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