15 June

You are probably thinking ho ho ho aren’t you?!  We have now reached the perfect period of the year when beautiful snow falls across the Alps transforming this incredible place into a winter wonderland. Here are our TOP 4 reasons why you MUST spend your Christmas in The Alps.

I will give you one reason each day until Christmas Eve that I hope you will enjoy.

Once you get there, just be sure to leave a glass of milk, a plate full of cookies and of course a nice juicy carrot for our visitor’s red nosed friend and maybe, as long as everyone is good of course there might be a little something under the tree when you all wake up.

French ski resorts offers a Christmas postcard no one can resist. Adults will love the timeless beauty of being surrounded by a white snow-covered mountain while children will be whisked away on fun activities such as husky rides and reindeer sleighs. If you are dreaming of hitching a ride on Santa’s sleigh, decorate an enormous Christmas tree, doing a walnut hunt, skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, or going on a horse drawn carriage ride, these are just some of the delights that await you.If you have established that this is going to be the year you and your family go skiing for Christmas then the only decision left to make is where to go.


  • 1) Landscape & Activities

Today I have decided to share my personal experience with you. It might help you to make your decision and to imagine yourself in this special place. Three days ago I wouldn’t have imagined being surrounded by such beautiful scenery or the seeing and feeling the deep snow in Meribel.

I just sat behind this wooden window with traditional features and the deep snow outside silent my words. Behind me the fireplace was burning the wonderful smell of fresh burning wood filled my nose. In this place I felt different, I felt anew. Barack, a wonderful snow dog was rolling under a pine branch covered in snow and I was just wishing to do the same at this very moment. I had to carry on this dream, so I had a walk around the chalet, facing this huge mountain range in the Alps. My shoes sank in the deep snow and despite the cold fresh air, I had to feel my warm hands in this white powder again. Everything around me was white, actually I was in it and I pinched myself because such a beauty could not exist. I knew it was true, I knew this place had changed my vision of heaven.

Followed by this encounter with the huge dog I carried on walking until my feet were freezing under this silver sky. The view was fantastic, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Far away a couple of deer were crossing the forest, I better understood the chalet’s name “Le Hameau des Biches” (Deer Hamlet). After taking a few pictures, I decided to follow this incredible adventure by swimming in the heated swimming pool in the chalet’s lower level.  I floated while gazing at the stars on the ceiling. I returned to my room for a bubble hot bath, and around me the setting was different. Again from the top window I had a view of this magical landscape that was imprinted in my mind and  I realised I had just fell in love with the charm of this scenery and I would never get enough. #Meribel – Le Hameau des Biches.

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