15 June

It might look surprising, but Savoyard gastronomy is delightful. The specialities in the Alps are full of flavour and taste, the only issues you should think about are the calories. But to be honest it’s Christmas and we don’t count how much you eat but how much you enjoy. Whatever you choose here are 2 options:

Either you go for cooking your own Christmas dinner that means shopping, preparations and time. Time is the biggest problem, as we always miss of time. I am sure you will appreciate cooking your own Christmas dinner for your family and friends and that is also why I am going to suggest you a lovely menu. But you have to bear in mind also that for once in your entire life you can also appreciate a homemade dinner cooked by some other specialist and well known chef. However before making your decision, I will share a very special chalet menu you can cook whatever time it takes, as long as the kitchen you are cooking in fits your expectations. That’s why I have selected a special chalet for your special menu. I bet you can’t wait to see it…

Combination of traditional features, and natural elements, this chalet offers you the opportunity of falling in love in an irresistible place. “Pearl of the Alps” quote from French poet Victor Hugo, Combloux is a wonder of nature. Charming place, the fairy-tale has no ending in the middle of this French ski resort. The chalet reflects this ideal place of wood and stone architecture suitable for those who cannot stop dreaming. Surrounded of white powder and huge mountains, you will enjoy fantastic views from the terrace or your rooms. The kitchen designed by a highly respected architect, Gerard Ravello. A lovely touch of old Savoyard influences and new modern living styles, you will enjoy cooking in this unique chalet. # Combloux – Megeve ~ Chalet Hameau du Cuchet

By the way, here is my special treat for you:

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