Tourism in Lisbon is on the rise

16 June

Portugal's reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years and is fast becoming one of Europe's hottest holiday destinations. The National Statistics Institute of Portugal released 2016's figures last week, which proved that tourism is at an all time high in the country. With 19.1 million guests staying in hotel across the nation, statistics show this as an 8.1% rise from 2015, with many guests staying for longer periods than ever previously recorded at an average of 2.35 nights.

It's not just foreigners who are enjoying Portugal's top destinations - locals are also travelling around the country to explore what is has to offer. The internal market accounted for 15.2 million overnight stays, an increase of 5.2% from the previous year, but the majority still comes from foreign tourists who made up 71.5% of the total overnight stays.

With new establishments being opened on a regular basis in Portugal and with talks of building a new international airport in Lisbon to cope with the number of visitors, plans are already being made to accommodate the continuing influx of tourists whose numbers are expected to grow year on year.

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