Tourism in France, a bright skyline

15 June

​Representing 7.3 % of national GDP, tourism is a hugely important sector of the French economy and according to the World Tourism Organisation this sector is growing

even further.


has Paris, the ‘city of lights’ and the most visited city in the world, it has the poetical and colourful landscapes of the South, and is also revered for its outstanding cuisine, world-leading commerce and of course, enviable lifestyles.


and political stability, an ideal geographic location, means that the country remained the world's leading tourist destination in the number of foreign tourists with 83 million arrivals recorded in 2012 (against 67 million in the USA).


huge tourism base is becoming more and more diverse. Looking at non-EU tourists, American and Asian visitors have increases and their everyday requirements are now more upmarket.

Some key figures

- 106 million

international tourists expected by 2020

- Growth of 7% in tourism

during 2013 (compared to 2012) due to increased foreign customers

- €42 billion in tourism revenues

in 2012 (3rd in total global revenue behind the US at €98.2 billion and Spain at €43.5 billion).

At such

staggering levels, tourism revenue is clearly of consistent governmental concern and government initiatives have been implemented, such as the law of development and modernization of tourist services voted in 2009 to promote the growth of the sector.

At the

end of 2013 the installation of a ‘steering committee’ launched a major public consultation online with regards to tourism. This helped to create practical and sustainable action plans for France in order to remain the world's top destination and become the first European country in terms of economic benefits.


on the 22nd April 2014, Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Business and International Development held a meeting with various professional organisations and tourism associations on the theme of "promoting tourism attractiveness of France." The initiatives which come from this will no doubt boost tourism even further.

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