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14 June

France has made a new record in comparison to 2011 with 81.4 million of tourists against 83 million in 2012.

France stays the most visited country in the world and Paris the first destination.

The tourism sector is changing; the number of tourists from Europe and Asia is increasing while visitors from America and Africa are less and less represented. 

French people still travel a lot even during the crisis but on a shorter period and they usually stay in France. 

In term of finance, the record has been overstepped as well with 35.8 billion spent in 2012 in comparison with 33.7 billion in 2011, which corresponds to a growth of 6.3%.

This is mainly justified by a longer period in France for foreign tourists, which means more nights spent.

French ministry says that the tourism balance has clearly increased in 2012 to reach 13 billion (7.5 in 2011) while the frequentation rate remains the same thanks to foreign tourists.

Regarding the beginning of 2013 with the winter season, tourism professionals “shows great results, the ski area has registered an increase of the frequentation rate of 7% in comparison to the ski season 2011/2012”.

The ministry announces that summer season “will be better” than the month of May and its bad weather. Generally speaking, foreign tourists will offset the decrease of French departures.

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