Rugby family in the property industry

14 June

Rugby is often defined as a worldwide brotherhood, but also as a family which has a common sharing of blood, mud and occasionally the odd beer or two (to badly paraphrase Sir Winston Churchill). Strangely enough, the same could be said of the property industry where the common sharing of toil, bricks and mortar also unites property people around the world.

So at a time when stock exchanges are all over the place like a full back, it is not better to have the stability of the pack when it comes to your money? The pack is of course not as big as a house (actually, Samoa’s might be) but they way it works with the rest of the team within in a tough and often rough environment, where every skill has to be represented and balanced in order to achieve the greatest possible success, has many likeness to the way property investment works.

It is therefore not surprising to notice that quite a lot of professional rugby players are often savvy property investors or start their second careers as property developers. The earthly anchorage of both activities probably plays a part in this connection.

Athena Advisors has actually a big rugby client base whether amateur or professional and most of our team has a rugby history. Even my English colleagues have all ‘had a go’ at some point. I guess sometimes it helps to talk about your investment with someone who understands your background and shares your values. And working as a team with developers, notaires, partners, agents to ensure we all reach their goals is what we do best.

So, if you have any ideas of investing in property and you like the oval shape ball, you should come and talk to us and we will work together to make it happen.

PS: we like football too.

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