Premières Loges, a unique concept in Combloux

09 July

Last year, we launched Premières Loges in Combloux, a new-build collection of just 20 studio to four-bed apartments for sale, offering stunning views over the Mont Blanc. 

Created by a unique and innovative developer, this project is entirely funded by individuals that are willing to invest money in real estate and gain yields from this investment. 

How it works

The developer has a crowdfunding platform where private individuals can invest from €1,000 in a real estate project and gain yields of up to 12% a year, although normally averaging 9.6%. The invested amount paid initially is generally paid back between 12 and 24 months. In total, the company has received €17m worth of investment and benefits from a community of almost 20,000 members.

What about Premières Loges?

After a successful first crowdfunding session in April 2018 of €240,000, Premières Loges has finalised the second phase of its investment of €390,000, a target reached in just 20 minutes last month. The first investment helped the developer in funding the purchase of the plot and the second round of investment will serve as the start of the construction after having sold 34% of the properties at Premières Loges. 

This successful fundraising has good support from the general public and is deemed to be a successful project for the future. Discover these properties for sale in Combloux and contact us if you’d like more information.

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