Paris Property - Paris Property Prices by tube map

14 June

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Sebastien Lafond, the CEO of the company says his company has analysed property sales within a radius of 300 metres around the tube stations and 500 metres for the ones located in the suburbs.

The CEO adds that this map has above all a fun dimension but it also allows buyers to find quickly the area where they want to be settled.

What is the interesting information in this map? Indeed, the most expensive properties in Paris are the ones located around the tube stations Les Invalides (€14,221/sqm), Solferino (€14,033/sqm) and Rue-du-Bac (€13,958/sqm).

The tube Line 1 that crosses Paris from East to West -including les Champs Elysees- has no station ranked in the top 10 of the most expensive areas. According to the co-founder of the website Mr Julirn Cheyssial, there are some areas with few transactions. Only 52 residential buildings were referenced around les Champs Elysees area and less than 5 sales have been made in one year.

Obviously, the cheapest prices are beyond the ring road with €2,996 around the station Saint-Denis-Universite, €3,089 for Creteil-Universite and €3,110 for Bobigny-Pablo-Picasso

Going beyond the ring road

Going beyond the ring road allows you to see prices strongly decrease only in one station: Prices fall by 11% between Portes de Vincennes and Saint Andre in line 1, 24% between Porte de Montreuil and Robespierre and about 40% between Porte de Bagnolet and Gallieni in line 3 or between Porte de Sain-Ouen and Garibaldi in Line 13.

Besides, tube line number 13 is the one that represents the biggest price gaps with €3,000 at Saint-Denis-Universite but five times more at Les Invalides tube station.

This new map launched by Meilleursagents represents a new interesting gadget allowing people to being informed about property prices, but this new tool needs some precisions though. First of all, some areas are totally excluded because of the non-existence of tube stations close by them as the Luxembourg area.

Then, there is no available data on the number of transactions in order to calculate the average price. Finally, the average price can hide significant disparities around the same tube station.

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